Traina Thoughts: Why Is Kevin Durant So Thin-Skinned?

Kevin Durant spends an awful lot of time responding to critics on social media.
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The best of the Internet, plus musings by writer, Jimmy Traina.

1. I'm not sure why, but it seems while everyone is busy dissecting every single move LeBron James does and does not make on social media, Kevin Durant gets a total pass for being super sensitive. You'll recall that right after winning his first NBA title in June, Durant fought with people on Twitter who called him out for taking the easy road to a championship (which he did even though there is nothing wrong with doing that). In July, he responded to a troll who was making terrible jokes about Durant leaving Oklahoma City. And yesterday, Durant responded to -- of all things -- a YouTube commenter who said LeBron is better than him. In fairness, Durant's entire response was "Nah," but it really doesn't get lower than responding to a YouTube commenter. Now, I hate playing the "can you imagine if (fill in the blank) did that" game, but can you imagine the reaction if LeBron James wasted one second responding to negative comments on the Internet, let alone doing so on a regular basis.

As for Durant thinking he's better than LeBron, he should think that. But he's not. If LeBron was on the Warriors last year and Durant was on the Cavaliers, the Warriors basically would've gone undefeated. 

2. The fan involved in the confrontation with New Jersey governor Chris Christie at Sunday's Brewers-Cubs game gave his side of the story yesterday afternoon. Christie gave his version of the events to CNN's Jake Tapper.

3. Tell us how you really feel, Blake Griffin.

4. We told you last week about Odell Beckham responding to a Twitter request and visiting a 9-year-old fan from Amarillo, Texas, who was ill. Sadly, the young boy passed away yesterday. Beckham posted the emotional tribute on Instagram this morning.

5. I haven't seen any of this BIG3 basketball thing, but I guess the people involved are taking is seriously because Stephen Jackson and coach, Charles Oakley got into this heated and hilarious exchange during a game yesterday.

6. The Undertake is deathly afraid of cucumbers.

7. If you missed it yesterday, Anthony Scaramucci's depature as White House Communications Director led to some outstanding sports-related tweets like the one below. Many more can be found here.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Since we mentioned The Undertaker, this is a good time to relieve one of the most absurd segments in Monday Night Raw history. Yes, during the ANYTHING GOES Attitude Era, The Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie McMahon, put her on a cross and tried to marry her. Until Stone Cold saved the day. Imagine the backlash if this segment aired today.


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