Monday's Hot Clicks: Chase Carter; Lesnar Retains WWE Title in Wild SummerSlam Main Event

In Monday's Hot Clicks, Brock Lesnar retains the WWE title. Plus a look at the lovely Chase Carter.
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SummerSlam roundup


WWE's annual SummerSlam took place last night and it was a doozy. Brock Lesnar walked out with the heavyweight championship after a crazy brutal match. Shawn Michaels became the latest WWE star to appear in those really weird KFC videos and Cesaro destroyed a beach ball in my favorite moment of the night (or close second to Finn Balor's demon entrance). All in all, a good night of wrestling.

Another entry in the "celebrated too early" hall of fame

Congrats to golfer Cristie Kerr,who became the latest athlete to celebrate prematurely and wishing she could turn back time. She still had a good weekend though, so don't feel too bad. Cristie joins Nick Young, Sammy Watkins and a bunch of others I'm forgetting.

If every NBA logo looked like the Toronto Raptors

These are pretty amazing. The Hawks one is my favorite.

Lovely Lady of the Day

In case you missed it, Chase Carter officially became the newest member of SI Swimsuit, Class of 2018. We're revealing some of the models in real-time this year instead of in February. Anyhow, check out footage of her shoot and more from the Bahamas. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).

Solar eclipse is today. Did you hear?

The much-discussed solar eclipse is today. Here's a quick story on why it's so unique and another on what you should know.

This is grounds for ejection

An Australian rules football fan brought his own cheese platter to a game.

Don Cherry: Fashion Icon

Celebration time

Pac-Man jersey alert

Odds & Ends

Nebraska coach Mike Riley surprised his players with Kendrick Lamar tickets ...Neymar had a strong performancein Paris Saint-Germain home debut ... This is why the Star Spangled Banner is played before games ... Interesting pre-fight strategy from Floyd Mayweather ... This Vikings fan has some questionable dance moves ... My favorite NFL preseason celebration of 2017 ... Chris Christie is out of the running to be a sports radio host on WFAN ... R.I.P. Jerry Lewis ... 25 trips to take in your lifetime ... It's time to call out manterrupters, though can we get a better word for it?

Catch of the year

Joe Thomas names every QB he's played with

I can not wait for this

Mac Lethal has a lot on his mind

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