Weekend Hot Clicks: Mayweather-McGregor and College Football Returns? We're Too Spoiled

The wait is over. It's time to see if Mayweather-McGregor delivers.
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Mayweather-McGregor is finally here. Here’s a terrific story about McGregor and fans staking claim to Vegas and another one of how he went from Dublin plumber to the king of combat sports. A greater number of bets are being placed on McGregor but a greater amount of money -- by far -- is being placed on Mayweather, including a slew of $1 million wagers. Mayweather is getting paid way more to fight but McGregor is still getting a hefty sum. And some randomness: Ronda Rousey is getting married in Hawaii during the fight.

Football is back

College football returns on Saturday with five games. Here’s what to watch in a "Week Zero" that includes Stanford-Rice and Oregon State-Colorado State. Here are the seven non-Power Five teams with a shot at the playoff. Elsewhere, UW-Platteville unveiled some of the best uniforms you’ve ever seen.

Ahhhh what?

Real Salt Lake forward Ricard Velazco has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Your final Weekend LLOD of August is the beautiful Rose Bertram (Click here for full-sized gallery).

Ferris State > Michigan

The Wolverines are no match for the Bulldogs. Using wins, championships, individual honors and more, here is the best college football team in each state regardless of division.

Kaep kneeled a year ago

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of Kaepernick taking a kneel for the national anthem. Here’s an extensive timeline of the events that have followed over the last year. And here’s how NAACP leaders in NFL cities are reacting to him being unsigned.

McDonald’s gets classy

Their new stadium is gorgeous

Where would Ashton Kutcher have landed?

Swim Search Top 15

Odds and Ends

Twitter accounts that every college football fan must follow this season ... Burning jerseys needs to stop, as do the responses to burning jerseys ... Game of Thrones fans in Texas are terrified that Hurricane Harvey will disrupt the finale on Sunday ... Chris Sale is no longer the AL Cy Young favorite … What could you buy in sports with a $700 million lottery jackpot? ... PS2 was crushing it back in ‘05: Cool breakdown of video game console popularity over the last decade.

This is beyond awesome

Breaking News: Beer Needed

The Deuce

Caught an advance premiere of the new HBO show The Deuce last night. I’m not hook, line and sinker yet but it’s definitely intriguing. Here’s the trailer:

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