Idiot Crashes ESPN’s Set to Scream ‘F--- the Mayweathers’ on Live TV

Stephen A. Smith was not too happy. 
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If the casinos in Vegas weren’t taking bets on whether a guy in a Celtics hat would disparage Floyd Mayweather after the Conor McGregor fight, it’s only because it was a lock to happen. 

Shortly after Mayweather earned a 10th-round TKO over McGregor, the ESPN crew’s instant analysis was disrupted by a doofus in a bow tie who somehow managed to wander directly in front of Stephen A. Smith to tell the world exactly what he thought about Floyd Mayweather—and his entire family. 

It’s a good thing he was drinking a bottle of water. His head won’t be pounding as badly in the morning. 

[via Deadspin]