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Wednesday's Hot Clicks: Nathalie Darcas; SI Swimsuit's First Second-Generation Model

SI Swimsuit makes history


Since its launch in 1964, the SI Swimsuit issue has featured 835 models (total guess on my part) from around the globe. But there has never been a second generation SI Swimsuit model. Until today, that is. I am proud to announce that Sailor Brinkley-Cook is officially a SI Swimsuit model, following in the footsteps of her mom, Christie. And yes, Sailor did appear in last year's issue with her sister and mom, but that was a special feature and Sailor wasn't an official SI Swimsuit model. But now she is. Congrats!

Patriots apologize for selling fans tap water

With the temperature in the mid-80s at Foxboro last Sunday, bottled water was very much in demand. So much so, in fact, that the stadium ran out and started selling tap water instead. This did not go over well with fans and the team issued a formal apology.

Jon Lester is no fun

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Addison Russell/spilled nachos incident. Except Jon Lester.

Lovely Lady of the Day


As you can tell from today's lead, it's that time of the year again when we cast models for the upcoming SI Swimsuit Issue. First up is Australian model Nathalie Darcas. I am a fan (click for full-size gallery). 

Ranking the NBA jersey patches

The Sixers may be the darlings of NBA fans, but their patches need some work.

Would LeBron James make a great politician?

Spoiler: Not really.

Just a small oversight

O.J. Simpson's parole board didn’t consider 1989 spouse abuse case when they let him walk.  

A $53 million tennis ball, to be exact

Interesting Conor McGregor painting 

We should all strive to be this couple

Odds & Ends

The best food to eat at every NFL stadium ... Dwight Howard was not very popular with Atlanta Hawks teammates ... Love the cajones of these Dallas rappers who snuck onto the field at AT&T Stadium to shoot video ... This seems like a very slippery slope for DirecTV ... I'm sorry for including a Kardashian item in Hot Clicks but it's relevant to sports ... A look at when your NHL team kicks off its season ... Sorry, Rick Pitino. I don't believe the FBI investigation into your shadiness is that surprising ... It's never a good idea for a mom to sleep with her daughter's boyfriend ... Twitter is experimenting with 280 characters but not sure anyone wants that ... Dubai is testing a fully automated flying taxi drone ...Saturday Night Live added three new featured players ... Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress on television.

Christie Brinkley surprises daughter with news she's going to be in SI Swimsuit Issue

Holy crap. What a catch!

Carson Wentz better pay up

Carmelo Anthony is RUDE

Peak Christie Brinkley

Who's hungry?

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