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Dan Haren's sitcom power rankings will leave you scratching your head.

By Jimmy Traina
December 21, 2017

Former MLB pitcher Dan Haren joined the latest edition of Off The Board with Jimmy Traina, where things started out fine before all hell breaking loose when Haren said King of Queens was a better show than Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Early in the podcast, Haren, who played for eight teams over a 13-year career and finished with a 3.75 ERA, explained what he does in his current role as Diamondbacks "pitching strategist." He also talked about some of the oddities that come with being a Major League Baseball player, such as having to pay for tickets, getting a per diem and more. Haren also said he had no doubt the balls were juiced during the 2017 season and weighed in on the Marlins controversial situation and the trade of Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees.

Haren, who is an extraordinary follow on Twitter, also shared his thoughts on recent headlines, including Charlie Villanueva getting his toilet bowl stolen, Tom Brady's guru getting banned by Bill Belichick and Selena Gomez's mom having to be hospitalized because her daughter is once again dating Justin Bieber.

Things got out of hand, though about 30 minutes in when Haren revealed that his top three sitcoms of all time are 1) Seinfeld, 2) The Office, 3) King of Queens. Haren said Curb Your Enthusiasm would be fourth. This led to a big argument that became heated. Tensions were eased a bit when the conversation turned to Eddie Murphy's Delirious.

You can listen to the podcast below or on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.​

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