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The Patriots revoked privileges for Tom Brady's health guru, Alex Guerrero. But what does it mean?

By Conor Orr
December 21, 2017

The Patriots’ removal of Tom Brady health guru Alex Guerrero from their team operations has flown under the radar this week. New England is barreling toward another AFC title game appearance and Brady is flirting with an MVP title.

But, as the Boston Globe reported Tuesday, it seemed significant that a few weeks ago Guerrero was “banned from boarding Patriots jets. His sideline access has been revoked. And he no longer is permitted to treat players other than Brady in his exclusive office at Gillette Stadium.”

Guerrero, the brains behind Brady’s TB12 Method, has a shady past but that hasn’t stopped New England from reluctantly hopping into bed with him in order to appease his quarterback. Why remove him now?

For the first time during the Bill Belichick era, the coach may have felt the slightest tug at his ability to maintain total control. Guerrero, according to the Globe, had some say over “most of the Patriots roster” which would make New England the only team in the NFL to essentially have two separate medical staffs with two different approaches (while every player has their own massage therapists, dietitians and trainers, one could argue that Guerrero’s services go above and beyond traditional).

Any coach would take on a health guru if it meant getting the same attitude and performance out of a quarterback like Brady, but it’s a particularly odd situation to find the greatest coach in NFL history. Belichick has jettisoned high draft picks, recent free agent signings and established Patriot stars who have even veered into the wrong lane.

Guerrero seems to have walked in the front door and started whispering to all the players: Follow me, instead. Imagine if he were Rob Gronkowski’s home grown health guru. Would the tight end still be on the roster?

To be clear, Belichick had no choice. Listening to Brady in interviews speak about Guerrero is like hearing someone describe a deity—someone beyond friend and mentor. It has probably gotten to the point where Belichick cannot have Brady without Guerrero too.

The good part about being Belichick is that his mountainous clout and gruff relationship with reporters will likely shield him from having to reveal any turmoil behind the curtain. But it’s a valuable piece of perspective. Even a coach who has absolute control over his roster and, in some ways, franchise, finds it hard to maintain sometimes. 

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