From LeBron James to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, we stroll down memory lane and look at the best tweets of 2017 in Friday's Hot Clicks.

By Andy Gray
December 29, 2017

Most memorable tweets of 2017

From Lane Kiffin's 'Kim Jung Il coaching the Vols' photoshop to Julia Louis-Dreyfus busting out the Elaine Dance after Northwestern made the NCAA tourney, these are the sports tweets we'll remember from 2017. 

Just shut up, Bill Nye

Bill Nye needed some attention so he went on Complex News and went off on flat-earthers. Not that I disagree, but Nye is so condescending that I just want to punch him in the grill. Another reason I want to punch him in said grill: His anti-Patriots Deflategate theory that everyone poked holes in. Also, this is my first Hot Clicks Deflategate mention in 33 days, a new record!

My new favorite college basketball player

DePaul walk-on freshman Pantelis Xidias (and his rec specs) are must-see.

Ashley Graves came by the office for a SI Swimsuit casting and despite being a Seahawks fan, I really liked her. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).  

Top 10 moments of NBA and MLB season

If you're like me and didn't watch much baseball this year, our Top 10 list is a good way to be sure you didn't miss anything. As for NBA, I did watch a ton and still loved this list, especially since most of it took place off the court (like the $495 Big Baller shoe debacle). 

Jalen Rose has some explaining to do

The "only as faithful as your options" is a good point to make, but not when your girlfriend is hosting the show.

You know it's a bad haircut when the barber gets arrested

If you're in Madison, Wisconsin and need a haircut, be very, very careful.

The worst No. 1 pick in NBA history gets another chance

Free Meek 

Odds & Ends

Still not sure what to make of this upside-down bikini ... Ricky Williams can't avoid those pot references ... A man born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome just ran a sub-three-hour marathon​ ... Ryan Fitzpatrick got his offensive linemen a bad (but funny) gift ... The top five NHL uniform designs of 2017 (and here are the five worst) ... Hulk Hogan is throwing the legal hammer down, brother ... Watch this MMA fighter flip out after her opponent badly misses weight ... ​The biggest surprises, disappointments and more fun from the 2017 college football season ...  John Wall called out his teammates for chasing stats ... Yet another reason why dogs are the best thing on this earth ... The 10 best music videos of 2017 ... The seven films that earned a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes this year ... 19 things bartenders wish you'd stop doing.

Can't stop laughing at this video

Big CP3 and little CP3

What a putt

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Grandpa packs a punch

This is impressive

Best BBC news bloopers of 2017

Linus & Lucy

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