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Wednesday's Hot Clicks: Here's a Stupid Sports Moment I Can't Stop Laughing At

This guy is everyone's confused dad; Plus, Vlad Guerrero Jr. produces a sensational moment in Montreal.

I can't stop laughing at this guy

There have been plenty of funny sports moments over the past few years - Tom Brady's failed attempts at a high five, this little guy's birthday candle kick, anything involving Bartolo Colon. But my favorite occurred yesterday and I'll warn you now it's really quick and stupid. Watch this guy in the background of this Ian Rapoport video and try not to laugh. 

Is this a movie?

Vlad Guerrero Jr. hit a walk-off home run to lead Toronto to a 1-0 win over St. Louis yesterday. The game was played in Montreal, where his dad played for the Expos from 1996-2003. It was quite a moment.

I know I sound like a crazy Patriots homer

But is the Super Bowl really the best time to introduce new rules?

shelby-brooke180218_ShelbyBrooke_03_030 copy 2.jpg
shelby-brookeBC__1587 web.jpg
shelby-brookeBC__1205 web.jpg
shelby-brookeBC__1328 web.jpg
shelby-brookeBC__1398 web.jpg
shelby-brooke180218_ShelbyBrooke_01_077 3.jpg
shelby-brooke180218_ShelbyBrooke_02_049 2.jpg
shelby-brooke180218_ShelbyBrooke_02_037 2.jpg
shelby-brooke180218_ShelbyBrooke_02_153 3.jpg
shelby-brooke180218_ShelbyBrooke_03_010 2.jpg
shelby-brookeBC__0908 web.jpg
shelby-brookeCG2A6396 (2)_filtered.jpg

If you're not familiar with Shelby Brooke yet, this gallery should help. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

The Albert Belle situation is getting weird

"A man who claims he witnessed Albert Belle pee in the middle of a parking lot says the former All Star NEVER shook his junk at anyone."

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LOL Jets

This was not Todd Bowles' best moment.

Canada knows fast food

The Waffle Double Down looks like an amazing culinary creation.

He's O.K.!


This is terrible and needs to stop

Odds & Ends

Game of Thrones fans will love this new MLB promo ... Nothing like a sewage leak to ruin a perfectly good spring training game ... Ronda Rousey's interview withMax Kellerman was pretty awkward ... Dirk Nowitzki has made a decision about next season ...Tiger Woods is making Masters tickets much more expensive ... Connor McDavid is really good at hockey ... Mike Tomlin is no fun ...  R. Kelly is accused of grooming a 14-year-old to be his sex pet ... Some good tips so you can sound more professional at work. 

Like father, like son

Ain't no friends out here right now

Mookie Betts: Future MLB analyst

Someone help Bob Ryan 

The 2018 SI Swimsuit Model Search Winners get the big news

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Future hip-hop star

I'm not sure what's going on here either

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