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Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: Meek Mill Is Free and Philly Can’t Stop Winning

Meek Mill is free and the Sixers are going to the second round.

Meek Mill is free and the Sixers are going to the second round


The Heat needed to win last night in Philadelphia to keep their season alive. Around 4 p.m., it became clear that wasn’t happening. 

That’s when news broke that Meek Mill, the Philly rapper controversially sentenced to a long prison term for a parole violation and denied bail during the appeal process, would be released from prison. You knew the crowd in Philly, which rallied around Meek from the moment he was incarcerated, would be going wild. 

Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin was at the prison to pick Meek up and took him by helicopter to the game where he had the time of his life.

The Sixers ran out on the court to a Meek song, took care of the Heat and celebrated like crazy.

What an unbelievable run the city of Philadelphia is on. The Eagles are Super Bowl champs, the Sixers are looking like an Eastern Conference finalist and Meek Mill is finally home. You can’t ask for much more. 

Is this dude crying?

Some jackass ran out on the field during the Yankees game last night and didn’t make it far before being tackled by a whole bunch of security guards. I was sitting in the second deck and he got as loud of a reaction as any of the homers the Yankees hit. 

But there’s something I noticed when I saw a Getty photo of the streaker after the game. It sure looks like the guy was crying (and holding a cigarette).


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Let’s take a closer look.


He was carrying a beer during his dash on the field, which I suppose could have splashed in his face, but the moisture is curiously confined to below his eyeballs. It was also way too cold for him to be sweating.

So, tell me in the poll below: Is this guy crying?

Awesome teamwork

The Michigan State Police coordinated an effort with 13 truck drivers to stop a suicidal man from jumping to his death. It’s safe to say that’s the best traffic jam ever. 

Bits & Pieces

An Eagles fan poured their grandfather’s ashes into a player’s hands at the Super Bowl parade. ... Hank Azaria, who voices Apu on The Simpsons,had a refreshingly honest answer about the controversy over the character. ... The devilish British actor Damian Lewis is unrecognizable in the fat suit he’s wearing to portray Rob Ford, Toronto’s infamous “crack mayor.” ... The Braves are bringing up Ronald Acuna, the No. 1 prospect in all of baseball. 

The most honest car ad ever

Me after three or four weeks of waking up early to write hot clicks

Mmm, delicious

What a beautiful sport

Relax, dude. You're a grown-ass man.

I’d watch a 64-man tournament of this

Jared Goff pranks juco team

The disguise isn’t even that good. Did the wig really fool everyone?

A good song

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