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Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Japan Cleans Dressing Room, Leaves Thank You Note After Crushing Loss

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Japan won the World Cup


The Japanese national team showed outstanding sportsmanship after losing an absolute heartbreaker to Belgium in the World Cup round of 16 yesterday. 

Japan took a 2–0 lead early in the first have after a pair of goals four minutes apart, only to see Belgium quickly even things up with two goals of its own just five minutes apart. The game seemed destined for extra time with the score still tied and stoppage time running out, but the Belgians scored a beautiful team goal on a counter attack to rip the hearts out of the Japanese

Most people would want to get the hell out of the stadium as quickly as possible after a loss like that, but not the Japanese. They made sure to salute their traveling supporters with a bow and also took the time to clear out the dressing room before they left. The team even left a thank you note in Russian. 

And it wasn’t just the players. Japanese fans stayed after every game of the tournament to clean the trash out of their section of the stadium, and yesterday was no exception. 


(Senegalese fans also cleaned up their sections during the tournament.)

Some fans even tidied up while fighting back tears. 


We could all learn something from the Japanese. 

The rich get richer

Just when you thought you couldn’t hate the Warriors any more, they go ahead and add another All-Star. DeMarcus Cousins, one of the best centers in the league, has reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with Golden State.

With that addition, the Warriors become the first team in more than 40 years to have five players on the roster who were All-Stars in the previous season. 

Boogie is coming back from a torn Achilles tendon so he’ll likely miss a big chunk of the regular season, but the Warriors have shown us that the regular season doesn’t mean anything. He’ll certainly be back in time for the playoffs to win Golden State yet another ring.

The only thing I like about this is that Cousins is joining the team he tried to fight last year.

Bits & Pieces

Former NFL running back DeAngelo Williams is returning to pro wrestling next week. ... Here is a cool look at which seats are most expensive for the Home Run Derby in Washington later this month. ... I still can’t believe how this MMA fight ended. ... I’ll just paste the lead of this news story from Texas: “A Texas man is accused of biting the rattle off a rattlesnake before releasing it into his neighbor's home after the two men got into an argument, authorities say.” ... As if running 100 miles wasn’t tough enough, this guy dealt with multiple bears and still set a new record. ... A former MMA fighter who is now a notorious criminal in Morocco has given a rare interview. ... Winston Duke, who you probably know as the enormous guy with the beard from Black Panther, has reportedly been cast to play Kimbo Slice in a new biopic

Get ready to see this photo approximately 500,000 times this season

I don’t even know what to say

This still infuriates me

Go on...

Here’s the full story.

This is a truly amazing Twitter thread

You really have to watch this

I know I referenced it above but this Belgium goal is pure art. 

I promise this is hilarious

The only thing worse than bringing a normal glove to the game

How stupid do you have to be to try this?

Man, I really miss this guy

This is actually amazing

I won my second ever US National Yoyo Championship today using the song “Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd and felt like an actual rockstar for 3 minutes while playing with a child’s toy from r/videos

A good song

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