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By Dan Gartland
July 11, 2018

College football coaches are the weirdest

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Air Force needs a new defensive coordinator to replace Steve Russ, who left the school after six years to become the new linebackers coach of the Panthers. Presumably it has one, but head coach Troy Calhoun won’t tell anyone who it is. 

With the new season just around the corner, Calhoun is still refusing to give any indication who will be running his defense. 

“I don’t know if it’s necessarily a delay,” Calhoun said at an event with other Colorado coaches, according to The Gazette of Colorado Springs. “I’ve yet to see a law or an edict that says that you must.”

“As of today, that’s what we’ve chosen to do,” he added. 

All right, dude, whatever. 

The strange part is that there probably isn’t that much of an advantage to be gained from not knowing which one of Air Force’s six defensive assistants will be running the show. This isn’t like the time Jim Harbaugh refused to reveal his roster until four days before the season opener. I don’t think the rest of the Mountain West coaches are lying awake at night stressed about who’s leading a defense that allowed over 40 points five times last season. 

Will Muschamp throws some serious shade after a day in the sun

Here’s a tweet from South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp that is funny out of context but even funnier in context. 

No, Muschamp wasn’t having gastric distress after a Taco Tuesday dinner; he was referring to the day out on a boat he spent with some of his players. 

You see, last month, a few Alabama players and Nick Saban got stuck on a boat when they ran out of gas. Muschamp and Saban go way back, so it’s nothing but a little fun between friends, but that didn’t stop Alabama fans from getting all bent out of shape.

The weirdest walk-off you’ll ever see

Alex Bregman had two homers last night, but of course he won the game on this stupid little dribbler

Eli Manning is jealous of Saquon Barkley’s legs

“His quads are the size of my waist and whole upper body,” Manning said. “I’ve never quite seen anything like it. I don’t often stare at another man’s legs, but in that case, you just can’t quite help it.”

Can you blame him?

There’s a reason Odell Beckham calls him Saquad.

Bits & Pieces

You have to see the scenes in Paris after France advanced to the World Cup final with a win over neighboring Belgium. ... Former Bengals running back Eric Ball is loving his post-football career as a beekeeper. ... Former NFL defensive back Brandon Browner could do life in prison after being arrested on charges of attempted murder

Sorry, LeBron was busy

Maybe just use their full name next time?

The Indians were leading 4–3 when Otero came in, then he allowed a bases-clearing double to Joey Votto and an RBI single to Eugenio Suarez to allow the Reds to take a 7–4 lead. Cleveland lost. 

What an upgrade over their current dump

The Rays unveiled plans yesterday for their new propsed ballpark in the Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa. 

Nachos for me

Imagine being this customer service rep

So it was really between Cleveland and L.A.

You can’t beat sibling rivalries

The planet is dying but at least it looks cool

I wish I was old enough to care about this when it happened

How do you have enough time to do this?

This person made a functioning calculator in the video game Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.

A good song

Good luck to England today against Croatia.

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