By Dan Gartland
August 09, 2018


Above you see umpire Bruce Dreckman pulling a live moth out of his ear canal. It’s only 11 seconds long and it’s still one of the most unsettling things I’ve seen in a long time. But I think the short clip obscures just how horrifying an ordeal this was.

Check out the full video:

There you see that the bug was crawling around inside Dreckman’s head for about three minutes. Yankees trainer Steve Donahue tried in vain to extricate the moth with a long cotton swab and so Dreckman was forced to fish around inside his ear himself. I’m glad I’m writing this before breakfast because imagining the sound of an enormous moth flapping its wings inside my ear is enough to make me want to vomit.

John Wall liked your jokes

Remember that photo of a haggard John Wall at Team USA camp that everyone made fun of? Ball Is Life was tracking Wall during that camp and was able to capture his reaction to becoming a meme in real time.

Wall’s reaction is pretty good, but not as good as seeing his security detail bust on him.

Easiest payday ever

Pro golfer Tommy Fleetwood woke up one day last week with an extra $154,000 in his bank account, equivalent to the prize for finishing in a tie for 12th at the British Open. Only this wasn’t the pro golfer Tommy Fleetwood who finished tied for 12th at Carnoustie.

“I was never going to keep it—unless he won $1.84 million and then I’d disappear to Canada,” the less famous Fleetwood told USA Today. “Kidding. I would have sent that back, too.”

Bits & Pieces

Iggy Azalea, who dated Nick Young until that whole D’Angelo Russell thing, is now dating DeAndre Hopkins. ... A reboot of American Gladiators (with Seth Rogen?) is in the works. ... This was an interesting story about the year the Titans played in Memphis and how the city hated it. ... Beating the Yankees is the only thing the Mets have left to play for this season so they’re bumping up Jacob deGrom’s next start. ... A California lawyer has been posting NBA scoops to Reddit before Woj breaks the news. ... The Berlin airport was shut down after security mistook a sex toy for a grenade. ... A TV station in Arizona spent over an hour livestreaming the rescue of a cat. ... The NFL preseason starts tonight, if that’s your sort of thing.

This is really for real

Alvin Kamara is gonna be a star

This is the smartest invention of the 21st century

Those were the days

Admirable restraint

Snitch-ass cows

A Florida woman ran from the police, but a herd of cows chased her and helped give away her location. from r/gifs

30 years ago today

It’s been 30 years since the trade that rocked Canada, when Wayne Gretzky was shipped from Edmonton to Los Angeles.

Recognize this guy?

Wait for Mitchell Trubisky’s reaction near the end.

This kid is the real deal

You never know what you’ll find walking the streets of Alaska

Making history

Her name is Leigh Holland-Keen and she’s only the second woman ever to lift Scotland’s fabled Dinnie Stones.

A good song

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