Even the security guards do tackling drills.

By Dan Gartland
August 24, 2018

Even the security guards do tackling drills

I probably shouldn’t be surprised that NFL security crews actually practice trying to tackle morons who run onto the field. The Browns squad seems to have things pretty well under under control, which is a good thing since Cleveland fans can be some of the rowdiest in the NFL. 

I also want to use this opportunity to share a fantastic story about a Browns fan running on the field that I just learned this morning. 

During a 41–0 loss to the Steelers in Week 16 of the 2005 season, a fan named Nathan Mallet ran out onto the field. Security was unable to tackle Mallet, so Steelers linebacker James Harrison did.

Mallet was apologetic, blaming his indiscretion on having had too much to drink. 

“Pretty stupid. Nothing I can say,” Mallet told a local news reporter. “It’s just, I hate losing to the Steelers.”

Despite his remorse, a Cleveland judge threw the book at Mallet. He was sentenced to probation, with the condition that he not attend any NFL games for five years, plus 150 hours of community service. He was also sentenced to three days in jail, to be served during Super Bowl weekend. Mallet was not allowed to watch the game on TV or listen to it on the radio. But that year’s Super Bowl was the Steelers vs. the Seahawks. Wouldn’t it have been a greater punishment to force him to watch the Steelers win?

Preseason football is such hot garbage

Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last night’s game between the Browns and Eagles was framed by the Cleveland media as a great test of what this Browns team can do this season. And guess what? The Browns, winners of zero games last season, defeated the mighty defending Super Bowl champs. 

The score was 5–0. 

They really could have used a fan running on the field to liven things up. Instead, neither team averaged more than four yards per play, they combined for five turnovers and 495 yards of punts. 

Bits & Pieces

Saquon Barkley’s dad is a lifelong Jets fan, with a tatoo and everything. ... Penn State is offering an anthropology course on drinking that uses tailgating as a case study. ... The Ball brothers’ former Lithuanian coach talked a whole bunch of smack about them and LaVar. ... TMZ obtained the scary 911 tape from Richie Incognito’s arrest at a funeral home earlier this week. ... Police found a drug-smuggling tunnel inside a vacant KFC

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You never know who you’ll find walking on the side of the road

Singer Bryan Adams tried to take an Uber from the end of Long Island to Manhattan but the car broke down. Instead, he tried to walk to a train station. That’s when the cops noticed him and offered him a ride, not realizing he was a semi-famous singer. 

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It’s interesting what other countries can accomplish!

A good song

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