A horrible NFL broadcast rule caused large swaths of the country to miss Graham Gano’s game-winning kick. 

By Dan Gartland
October 08, 2018

We now interrupt this broadcast...

The final few minutes of yesterday’s Giants-Panthers game were absolute madness. First Eli Manning led a 75-yard touchdown drive (that included a touchdown overturned on review) in 68 seconds to give the Giants and one-point lead with just over a minute to play (and break the Giants’ NFL-long streak of 36 games without scoring at least 30 points). 

Then the Panthers moved the ball just barely into Giants territory and Ron Rivera called on Graham Gano to attempt a 63-yard field goal for the win. The suspense was palpable, but here’s what millions of viewers around the country saw:

Unless you live in the New York or Carolina markets, you got bumped to the Eagles-Vikings late afternoon game right at 4:25, which just happened to be when Gano was lining up for the kick. That’s because NFL broadcast rules are as rigid as they are complicated. (Seriously, I think there are Supreme Court decisions with shorter Wikipedia articles than the article for “National Football League on Television.”)  The rules required broadcasters to switch from the Giants game to the Eagles-Vikings game of the week right at 4:25, late-game drama be damned. 

I understand why the rules are the way they are, but I wish the networks were given more leeway. No, a broadcaster shouldn’t show the rest of an out-of-market overtime game at the expense of getting to the late game on time, but a single game-changing play like Gano’s kick is a totally different situation. Whoever is manning the switches at Fox affiliates around the country should have the option to say “Hang on, let’s wait 15 seconds to see if this kick goes in.” Even if I’m the biggest Eagles or Vikings fan in the world, I’d rather see Gano’s field goal attempt than the opening kickoff of my game. 

Meanwhile, I missed the kick for a totally different reason. I was on a train with terrible service and my stream froze right as Gano was lining up. I got the “Graham Gano made 63-yard field goal” alert from the SI app and screamed “No!”

UFC 229 was uttlerly outrageous

The big story coming out of the UFC event on Saturday night was Khabib Nurmagomedov leaping over the cage to attack Conor McGregor’s entourage after he made McGregor tap. But that was just one part of a truly wild evening in Las Vegas. 

UFC 299 also gave us Derrick Lewis’s instant-classic interview in which he delivered the unforgettable line, “My balls was hot.”

There was also the Anthony Pettis-Tony Ferguson fight that was so violent one of the announcers ended up with an enormous blood stain on his white shirt. 

Aaron Hicks’s hamstring treatment has an unusual side effect

Yankees centerfielder Aaron Hicks was forced to leave Game 1 against the Red Sox with a hamstring issue and sat out Game 2. He’s hoping to be in the lineup for tonight’s Game 3, thanks to round-the-clock treatment, but that treatment has Hicks dealing with a new problem. 

“We have been doing a lot of things. We have been trying to get me hydrated. So every single day I’ve been peeing like crazy, being hydrated,” Hicks told reporters. “I am kind of testing it out, see how it feels.”

Bits & Pieces

John Gagliardi, the man who won the most games in college football history, died Sunday at age 91. ... A bunch of props from 30 Rock are going up for auction. ... Dick Vermeil thinks this year’s Rams might be better than the ones he led to the Super Bowl. ... A meteorite worth over $100,000 was used as a doorstop at a Michigan farm for over 30 years. ... Packers kicker Mason Crosby missed five kicks in an eight-point loss to the Lions. ... I don’t know if it’s a big deal or not but Jacoby Ellsbury reportedly had his parking spot at Yankee Stadium taken away

So I’m not crazy, the Giants are getting screwed in historic fashion

This Astros fan is a man of his word—to the tune of $300

When Aaron Judge takes you deep, you know it

Spike Lee knows that.

Bruce Irvin got his cleats at Hot Topic

Imagine trying to stop this guy in the low post

It’s only the preseason but the beef is real

Speaking of J.R. Smith...

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Living Legend. @teamswish

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Just the Browns-iest game-winner

Maybe it’s time for the Browns to hire an exterminator?

The best touchdown I saw this weekend

It didn’t count, but you have to admire the creativity

Clayton Kershaw’s kids and Dave Roberts are on the same page

A good song

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