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Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Brees Had a Simple But Powerful Lesson for His Kids After Breaking Record

Drew Brees knows what it means to work for something.

Drew Brees knows what it means to work for something

ESPN had Drew Brees wearing a microphone for Monday night’s game in which he broke Peyton Manning’s career passing record, which means we got to hear his message for his kids right after the record-breaking throw. 

“I love you guys so much,” Brees said. “You can accomplish anything in life if you’re willing to work for it! Alright?”

Compared to Manning—the No. 1 overall pick, 6'5", son of an NFL quarterback—Brees was the ultimate underdog. Brees wasn’t even supposed to be the starter on his high school JV team until a guy named Jonny Rodgers tore his ACL in a scrimmage. He only got two Division-I scholarship offers.

Even when he made it to the NFL, Brees wasn’t regarded as anything special. When Brees arrived in New Orleans in 2006, no one would have expected him to break a slew of NFL records. He was an undersized quarterback who wasn’t even drafted in the first round and who had had one very good season with the Chargers (2004) and three exceedingly average ones. And yet he became the most prolific quarterback in NFL history, so his message to his kids was more than just boilerplate inspirational garbage.

Angel Hernandez may have had a worse night than Luis Severino

Rather than confront the pain of that Yankees loss I’ll just mention how embarrassing Game 3 was for umpire Angel Hernandez. Hernandez, widely regarded among MLB players as one of the worst umpires in baseball, had three of his calls overturned on replay review in a span of just three innings.

Though he had a fourth call challenged last night that turned out to be correct he also had a call at second base in Game 2 overturned on review, giving him four reversals in the series. Hernandez will work the plate in Game 4 tonight. Should be fun. 

Some kind words for Drew Brees from Peyton Manning

Brees may break all of all of Peyton’s passing records but he’ll never match his comedic timing. 

Bits & Pieces

Luis Severino dismissed the idea that his warmup was rushed because he didn’t know what time the Yankees game started. ... The opening of a Krispy Kreme in Ireland caused massed chaos. ... Google+, the social network no one ever used, is finally shutting down because of a massive data breach. ... Rich people in London don’t have huge houses—they have really big basements. ... The Indians’ racist logo is officially dead after Cleveland was eliminated from the playoffs by the Astros. ... A group of cyclists was almost hit by a flying deer, after it got hit by a car

Last night’s football score (43–19) had never happened before in the NFL

Good to know

This plan probably sounded better before the game was 10–1

The Senators are very bad but at least they’re producing good absurdist comedy

Ah, the traditional mystery sludge shower

Watch out, Dodgers

A look back at Michigan-Appalachian State

Now that’s school spirit

Steve Kerr doesn’t need the preseason

Chris Bosh’s kids are the cutest

It’s eight years old but you have to watch this video

Somehow we got to talking about this video in the office yesterday (Canadian Thanksgiving). I love it so much. 

This YouTube series had me at Blake Griffin and Kenny Mayne

This is a good wholesome prank

Invisible doors from r/funny

This man needs about four extra hands

My question about this guy at this weekend’s Schalke 04-Fortuna Düsseldorf match is why his friend didn’t come with him to give him a hand. It’s especially confusing when you see that the two guys didn’t pass the eight beers around to anyone else. They appear to have each gotten four beers, which is a very bold move. Did the guy in the stands know his friend was coming back with all those beers by himself?

A good song

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