Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Kyrie Hurls Ball in Stands After Jamal Murray’s 'Bulls---' Attempt for 50

This isn’t the first time Jamal Murray has ticked off an opponent with his antics at the buzzer. 
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Kyrie really didn’t appreciate Jamal Murray’s attempt for 50

Young Nuggets guard Jamal Murray had a career night Monday, scoring 48 points against the Celtics in a win that pushed Denver’s hot start to 9–1. But Murray really, really wanted to become the fifth player in the NBA this season to score 50 points in a game. So with the game decided and the players just waiting for the final horn, Murray pulled up from three as time expired in an attempt to surpass the half-century mark. 

That really didn’t sit well with Celtics star Kyrie Irving, who responded by throwing the ball deep, deep into the stands. 

“Obviously, I was pissed at the game, but it’s time to decompress and move on,” Irving told reporters after the game. “Congratulations to him having 48 points. He did it in a great fashion against us. Our defense has to be better, especially against a player like that in the pick-and-roll. He was the primary concern tonight and he made us pay in certain instances of making some tough shots and some tough layups.

“But the ball deserves to go in the crowd after a bulls--- move like that. So I threw it in the crowd.”

This isn’t the first time Murray has rubbed an opponent the wrong way with his antics at the buzzer. Last December, Murray was dribbling out the clock at the end of a win over the Lakers when he decided to clown on Lonzo Ball. 

That sparked a months-long beef with Los Angeles that included a shouting match between Murray and Lakers coach Luke Walton. Unlike the Lakers, the Celtics and Nuggets don’t play in the same conference so we’ll only see this matchup one more time this season. Boston fans will probably have something to say to Murray on March 18 at the Garden. 

Well this is awkward


The Ottawa Citizen has obtained dashcam video of seven Senators players complaining about how much they and their teammates stink.

The paper determined that it was shot in Phoenix, while the Sens were in town last week to lose to the Coyotes. (Recording a conversation does not require the consent of the other party in Arizona.)

Assistant coach Martin Raymond is a particular target of the players’ frustration. 

“Marty Raymond, the only coach in NHL history to have the worst power-play and the worst PK within a calendar year,” Matt Duchene says in the video. 

“Do you notice that when (Raymond) runs the video, if you actually do pay attention, he doesn’t ever teach you anything? He just commentates what’s happening,” Chris Wideman adds. 

What a time for your first hat trick

NHL veteran Brian Boyle announced earlier this season that the cancer that caused him to miss the beginning of last season was fully in remission. It was Hockey Fights Cancer night in Pittsburgh for the Devils-Penguins game on Monday and Boyle went out and scored his first career hat trick. This is a guy who once scored six goals in a full 82-game season. What timing. 

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