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Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Surfer Rides Enormous Wave, Believed to Be Record 100 Feet Tall

British surfer Tom Butler surfed a wave believed to be 100 feet tall, 20 feet taller than the current world record. 

This might be the biggest wave ever surfed

There’s a Portuguese fishing village called Nazaré where a submarine canyon causes waves to swell to the size of large buildings. The locals never dared to take surfboards out into the deadly water but an American named Garrett McNamara couldn’t resist the pull of reliable monster waves. In 2011, he set a world record by riding a wave that measured at 78 feet. The mark stood for seven years, until Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa surfed a wave that was officially measured at 80 feet.

British surfer Tom Butler appears to have blown that record out of the water. Butler rode a wave on Friday that is being touted as 100 feet tall, 20 feet higher than Koxa’s record ride. 

“When I was going down I thought, ‘holy f---, this is the fastest I’ve ever been,’” Butler told Cornwall Live. “Time kind of slows down, it’s instinct really. I was doing everything to hold my balance.”

The tricky part now is verifying the size of the wave. McNamara surfed a wave in 2013 that was believed to be 100 feet high, but it could not be confirmed. If the height of Butler’s wave can be verified, he’ll take home the biggest wave award at the World Surf League’s Big Wave Awards in April. 

CC got his money anyway

Remember when CC Sabathia got ejected only six outs shy of earning a $500,000 bonus? The Yankees gave him the money anyway

“We thought it was a very nice gesture by the Yankees,” Sabathia’s agent, Kyle Thousand of Roc Nation Sports, told The Associated Press on Monday. “CC was very appreciative and is really excited to come back next year and, hopefully, win a championship.”

The best of SI

We’re doing a series this week of sports worsts from 2018, kicking off with the 10 worst coaching decisions. ... Men’s chess is having a moment but the women are still fighting for relevence. ... Dirk Nowitzki and Vince Carter are over 40, but they certainly don’t look like it

Around the sports world

Police in Scotland are investigating the death of a police officer whose body was found on one of Britain’s greatest golf courses. ... A man was arrested at a college basketball game in Memphis for defacating on the floor. He said the line for the bathroom was too long. ... A Fresno State fan celebrated his team’s Las Vegas Bowl win over Arizona State so hard that he broke his leg.

The Browns are likeable now?

Dropping 47 points is a walk in the park for James Harden

Michael Jordan is wearing a leather jacket and smoking a cigar at all times

Christian McCaffrey has done this before

Are you kidding me?

Not sports

A Missouri man who illegally killed hundreds of deer has been ordered by a judge to watch Bambi at least once a month during his year-long jail sentence. ... The guy who played Carlton on Fresh Prince is suing two video game makers for stealing his trademark dance. ... People in Arkansas were treated to an advance screening of the new season of True Detective. ... The man who won a winter trip to Winnipeg on The Price Is Rightturned it down because it wasn’t worth the taxes

Getting revenge on package thieves

I thought Wu Tang was for the children?

A good song

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