Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Make-A-Wish Kid Fights With Stars’ John Klingberg

Ten-year-old Anderson McDuffie wasn’t going to let John Klingberg push him around.
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“I had to protect myself”

The Stars already knew Anderson McDuffie was a fighter, but not like this.

He’s only 10 years old and has already had two open-heart surgeries, most recently eight months ago. Anderson is also a huge hockey fan and told the Make-A-Wish Foundation that he wanted to play a game against the Stars, his favorite team. The dream came true when the team invited Anderson to its practice facility on Wednesday.

It was a hard-fought victory as Anderson’s team (“the EKGs”) refused to be pushed around by their NHL counterparts. At one point, Anderson decided he had to stand up for his team and scrap with the opposition’s top defenseman, John Klingberg.

Klingberg and McDuffie have very different stories of how the fight began. Anderson says it was Klingberg who came after him and started pushing him around. Klingberg says Anderson was the instigator and that he was just trying to protect himself.

Klingberg’s teammates were quick to give him a hard time, since he’s never been in an NHL fight.

“I think there’s a reason why Klinger doesn’t fight,” Jamie Benn said. “Anderson took it to him there. If I ever saw Klinger fight in a real game, I’m sure that’s how it would go.”

After the pros vs. kids game, the teams mixed it up and the kids got to play with the Stars. All in all, everyone had a blast.

“I think we expected it to be fun,” Tyler Seguin said, “but not as much fun as we had.”

Baker Mayfield pokes fun at himself

Baker Mayfield had a pretty good one-liner while streaming a Fortnite game the other night: “Hopefully I’m running faster than I was in Arkansas right now.”

If you don’t remember, Mayfield was arrested for public intoxication in Fayetteville in 2017 after he tried to run away from some cops and got chased down from behind.

NFL defenses have thus far been proven to be less effective at containing Mayfield than Fayetteville PD.

Spencer Dinwiddie did his Reggie Miller impression

James Harden scored 58 points (giving him 115 over a two-game span) but the Nets still beat the Rockets in overtime thanks to this insane stretch by Spencer Dinwiddie. He knocked down three three-pointers in the final 30 seconds to send the game to overtime, and the Nets went on to win 145–142.

The best of SI

This is the story behind that classic footage of Andy Reid’s punt, pass and kick competition. ... The key to the NFC Championship Game is Saints receiver Michael Thomas. ... Reds announcer Marty Brennaman is retiring. This is his best moment in the booth.

Around the sports world

The 3,000 mile Dakar Rally through the Peruvian desert produced some incredible photos. ... Everyone who voted for Saints Swiss Army knife Taysom Hill for the NFL All-Pro team had their votes counted for Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill instead. ... Louisville is renaming its airport after Muhammad Ali.

Cool moment between Tom Brady and Joey Bosa

This really isn’t as funny as A-Rod thinks it is

You probably shouldn’t end up here

Gheorghe Muresan makes everyone look tiny

I’d definitely draft the 320-pound gymnast

Old school cool

Not sports

ABC is producing a documentary about my favorite Silicon Valley scam, Theranos. ... A 63-year-old doctor had a stroke and became a fixture in the Los Angeles rap scene. ... An English teacher from Texas spent three years with ISIS to “see exactly what the group was about.” ... An escaped rodeo cow has eluded capture in Alaska for more than six months. ... A man at the Berlin airport tried to smuggle a live snake in his pants.

Who names their kid Despot

New Ghostbusters movie coming next year

Steve Carrell is making a new show with one of the creators of The Office

A good song

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