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Weather geek Mike Trout just had to get a glimpse of a rare Arizona snow storm. 

By Dan Gartland
February 22, 2019

Mike Trout really loves the weather

It didn’t feel much like spring yesterday at Angels camp in Arizona. Temperatures in the low 50s and drizzle made for lousy baseball conditions. But Mike Trout must have been thrilled, because up in the mountains that drizzle was falling as heavy snow. 

Trout might love the weather as much as he loves baseball. In 2016, he called in live to the Weather Channel to report on a blizzard hitting his offseason home in New Jersey. Last winter, his wife got fed up with his constant text updates on a snow storm slamming the east coast.

But with a rare snowstorm hitting the Arizona desert, Trout had to go out and see for himself. He drove about 90 miles to the mountains of Payson, Ariz., just to check it out. 

Trout had reason to get hyped for the storm. While Payson sees about seven days of snow per year on average, this storm was historic. It dropped over three feet on Flagstaff and even brought some flakes to Los Angeles for the first time since 1962.

God bless Kevin Harlan

Kevin Harlan is easily one of the best announcers working today. Just take this clip for example, from last night’s Bucks-Celtics game.

He managed to work in the relevant play-by-play while still freaking out over the fan and player who were doused in beer. It still can’t hold a candle to his classic 2016 call of a fan on the field, though. 

The goalie’s reaction is priceless

I mean, how else do you react after letting in a goal from 190 feet away? 

That’s Danish defenseman Oliver Lauridsen of Finnish club Jokerit (formerly of the Flyers) scoring the luckiest goal of his life while simply trying to clear the puck on a penalty kill. 

The game was a total farce, it seems. The other team was last-place Slovan Bratislava, from Slovakia, who had to dress a forward as the backup goalie and only ran three lines of forwards. 

Michal Vojvoda, the 18-year-old forced to make the start in net, surrendered seven goals, which was actually an improvement from his KHL debut on Monday in which he allowed three goals in just 17 minutes.

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