Traina Thoughts: Johnny Manziel Was Kicked Out of the CFL AND Duped By a Fake Twitter Account on the Same Day

After getting banned by the CFL, Johnny Manziel responded to a bizarre Twitter user.
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1. As you know by now, Johnny Manziel was released by the Montral Alouettes and banned from the CFL on Wednesday for violating his contract. No other details have emerged yet, but you know they will soon enough. In the meantime, Manziel's day took another odd turn when he replied to a fake Twitter account run by someone named Dick Tator.

Excuse me. Let me correct that. Manziel replied to someone named Real Dick Tator.

I could see Manziel being upset by a report that wasn't true, but at least check to see if it was a legitimate report. First warning sign: The guy's  Twitter name is Real Dick Tator. That shoud've put up a red flag. Warning sign No. 2: No blue check mark. Warning sign No. 3: If you did the quickest check of Dick Tator's tweets, you saw stuff like this:

Now, I've always said I love fake sportswriter Twitter accounts because stuff like this ends up happening and it's highly entertaining. So congrats to Dick Tator, who was very happy with himself and took a victory lap.

2. After seeing Twitter barely able to contain itself with breathless panting over Kyle Murray's measurements Thursday morning, I threw out this tweet:

The responses came in and people were fired up. Allow me to address some of them.

* People are clearly not into tweets from fake games.

* It's amazing that people in fantasy leagues still don't understand that not one person cares about your fantasy team.

* Sports media people complaining about travel issues on Twitter is a GOOD thing because the replies from people mocking them are always hilarious.

* Again, same as above. The Mike Francesa tweets are usually people mocking him, which is amusing.

* A lot of people are still in the recruciting camp.

* These were just funny.

Good stuff, everyone. Stay strong out there on the social media streets.

3. The newest SI Media Podcast features an interview with Jon Weiner, aka Stugotz from ESPN's The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. The radio host and new podcast host (“Stupodity”) gives the backstory on his nickname, talks about how he linked up with Le Batard, the chemistry between the two, growing up idolizing Mike and the Mad Dog, the show’s relationship with ESPN, his dream guests for his podcast, Bruce Springsteen, and much more.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

4. Clearly, these people did not read Wednesday's Traina Thoughts in which I asked sports fan to stop acting like crazy people.

This tweet comes from a 67-year-old radio host.

And then there was this behavior from Ole Miss fans after the team lost a home game to Tennesseee.

5. We have the new version of the Dwyane Wade-LeBron James famous dunk photo.

6. If you missed it Tuesday night, there was a suprise Office reunion on E!'s Busy Tonight, and as one person on Twitter pointed out, it was very similar to a scene from the show.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: In honor of the big news that Beverly Hills 90210 is coming back, let's remember one of the greatest scenes in television history.

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IN CLOSING: I hope you guys were able to read everything I just wrote. I know everyone is barely able to function today because Kyler Murray is 5-foot-10 and weighs 207 pounds.