Demi Lovato packs some punch

Most people know Jay Glazer as the NFL insider on Fox’s Sunday pregame shows. When he’s not breaking news, though, Glazer trains people (some of them who are very famous) in MMA at his gym in West Hollywood, Calif.

Glazer’s clients include NFL players looking for a different way to stay in shape during the offseason, but none of them have done what singer Demi Lovato did to Glazer yesterday. She punched him in the mouth and knocked his tooth right out.

Glazer was wearing a mouth guard while training Lovato, but that was no match for the singer’s heavy gloves and forceful swing. 

Although Glazer says he put the tooth back in place by using super glue, a trip to the dentist is probably still in his future. I’d recommend he stick with the gap-toothed smile for at least a little bit—that way he matches his Fox broadcast partner Michael Strahan. 

The Warriors got blown out on their home court

The Celtics, led by Gordon Hayward’s 30 points off the bench, whooped the Warriors last night in Oakland. It was Golden State’s worst loss since Don Nelson was the coach.

New Zealand officials found 110 kilos of meth in golf carts

The news broke last month but the latest development is that the Sinaloa cartel (El Chapo’s old crew) is believed to be behind it. Authorities in New Zealand say the drugs go from Mexico, into the U.S. and then across the Pacific, where the street value more than triples. 

The best of SI

The Pacers are continuing to thrive even after losing Victor Oladipo to injury. ... A guy named Eric Weddle had tons of people tweeting at him after the famous Eric Weddle was cut by the Ravens. ... NHL veteran Ryan Kesler fought back from a serious hip injury and is now playing in his 1,000th game

Around the sports world

Kansas’s streak of consecutive regular-season Big 12 titles is over at 14 after an upset loss to Oklahoma. ... Deadspin pays tribute to wrestling legend King Kong Bundy. ... Pacman Jones is accused of cursing out the cops who arrested him last month, including telling them “suck my d---.” ... The time Genie Bouchard ended up going on a date with a fan after making a bet on Twitter is getting made into a movie.

In and out at the buzzer!

“Strip the whale of its blubber”

Cats interrupting sports are way more chill than dogs

Blue-chip recruits aren’t on the dollar menu, though

Don’t try this at home

Hartford is not happy about the Hurricanes bringing back the Whalers uniforms

Good luck catching a kick wearing boxing gloves

France's version of the pool noodle from r/rugbyunion

Congratulations to new Mets hitting coach Jose Canseco

That’s too much powder

Not sports

Barstool stole a comedian’s video and offered her a $50 Barstool gift card to try to get her to drop the copyright claim. ... The rapper Rick Ross has a memoir coming out. ... The closure of Australia’s last Blockbuster store means there will only be one left in the entire world

New Game of Thrones trailer is here

New music from The National

The Denver airport is embracing all the conspiracy theories about it

A good song

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