Minnesota hockey hair never disappoints. 

By Dan Gartland
March 11, 2019

Minnesota hockey hair never disappoints

For the past 10 years, a Minnesota man has been dutifully chronicling the state’s famed high school hockey tournament, but not the play on the ice. John King’s annual “All Hockey Hair Team” YouTube videos go viral every year and a spot in the video is almost as coveted as a trophy. The videos are always full of mullets, mustaches and other styles plucked right from the ’70s, and this year is no exception. 

Here are a few of the highlights:

Unfortunately, after 10 years of carefully examining high schoolers’ hair, King says this is his final edition of the hockey flow round up. Fear not, though. The extraordinarily thorough Twitter video curator CJ Fogler is still keeping track of all of them, and ESPN published its own roundup

Again with the bats?

That’s the third time in two months that a bat has disrupted a Spurs game. The mascot in the bat costume clearly isn’t doing a good enough job keeping things under control. Maybe it’s time to hire a professional. 

The best of SI

How good does Antonio Brown make the Raiders? ... Examining the NCAA tournament bubble after the final day of the regular season. ... Dwyane Wade became close friends with the man who stopped a shooting at a Waffle House

Around the sports world

Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins pays tribute to her late father, Dan. ... A college track team helped save a man having a medical episode in a Bronx park. ... Two college baseball teams engaged in an incredibly over-the-top edition of rain delay theater. ... The Iditarod is going on right now and a guy from France is in the lead

With authority!

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Everything is going great for the Warriors

Good job, good effort

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Kyle O'Quinn's controller died... 😂

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You could not possibly flop any worse than this

How are you going to ban a guy for saying what everyone thinks?

Thin-skinned Knicks owner James Dolan must have wanted to feel important when he banned a fan from MSG for telling him to sell the team

A state senator is calling him out, though. 

Just Johnny Cueto posing with a bunch of fish

New A-Rod documentary coming out March 29

Good save by the snow

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Hannover lost by 1 😳😳😳

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Jay Bilas interviews his son

Dennis Rodman does not like Minecraft

Keep cashing those checks

Not sports

PBR is coming out with a whiskey. ... A woman jumped a barrier at an Arizona zoo to take a selfie and was attacked by a jaguar. ... A man threatened to sue a magazine for using a photo of him in a story about how all hipsters look the same. It wasn’t actually him. 

Hozier singing in the subway

Musical squash and potatoes

Talk about a flex

Kenan Thompson as R. Kelly

A good song

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