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A crazy scene in Costa Rica. 

By Dan Gartland
March 26, 2019

Crazy scene in Costa Rica

Motorcycle racing isn’t supposed to be a combat sport, but that didn’t stop two guys in Costa Rica from throwing hands right in the middle of the track.

The incident occurred in a race last month, when rider Jorge Martinez collided with Marión Calvo and ended up clinging to the back of Calvo’s bike. The two pulled off to the side, and that’s when Martinez dropped Calvo with a big haymaker. 

Though the incident is over a month old, it’s back in the news after both riders were hit with two-year suspensions. The lengthy suspension may seem a little harsh for Calvo, who was not the aggressor and didn’t even get a punch in—but on the other hand, he did shove Martinez out into the path of the other riders. This longer video from the race organizer also shows Calvo threatening Martinez after he gets back on his bike. 

Not for the faint of heart

Do not play that video unless you are prepared to see one of the worst injuries in basketball history. Jusuf Nurkic’s leg just snapped in two on a completely routine play. The break was so severe the court microphones picked up the sound of the bone snapping. The team later announced that Nurkic had suffered a compound fracture, which is when the broken bone punctures the skin. 

Things are already going great for the Mets

The Mets are going to be in Syracuse today, and the players are not happy about it. They traveled three hours by bus to Sarasota yesterday for a game against the Orioles and flew from there to Syracuse for a workout this afternoon at the Carrier Dome. They’ll turn right back around and fly to Washington for Thursday’s season opener against the Nationals. That would have been bad enough even without last night’s flight delay. 

We need to talk about two things here

Yes, Mark Scheifele’s hand-eye coordination is amazing, but let’s not sleep on the announcer’s call. “I always thought when the cow gets milked, you can’t shoot the cream back up the udder.” Huh?

The best of SI

Legal analyst Michael McCann breaks down the frankly hilarious case of Michael Avenatti allegedly trying to extort Nike. ... New MLB rules will outlaw the LOOGY, one of baseball’s most unique roles. ... Fran Belibi is the second woman to win the high school dunk contest

Around the sports world

Conor McGregor suddenly announced his retirement from MMA. ... Cardiff City is refusing to pay the transfer fee for a player who died in a plane crash before he joined the club. ... Colgate’s pep band is very angry that the school opted to hire an impostor band for the NCAA tournament

Just embarrassing to let this in

Andy Reid always comes through with the Hawaiian shirt

Does Ryan Braun need a babysitter?

Don’t touch the hair

Jimmer returns to Utah

These are fresh

Russians in the White House

How a baseball is made

Not sports

A Lithuanian man pleaded guilty to stealing $100 million from Facebook and Google by sending them phony invoices. ... A flight from London that was supposed to go to Germany ended up in Scotland by mistake. ... Apple is launching a credit card, in case you wanted to give them more control over your life. ... A Hawaii judge banned a man from buying Pepsi for four years as part of his probation. ... To promote the return of Game Of Thrones, HBO hid six replica iron thrones all around the world and told people to go find them. ... SNL’s Colin Jost and Michael Che are going to be in a match at WrestleMania.

This is surprisingly fun

Scottish Coast Guard rescues a dog in a helicopter

Breaking England’s stupid laws

A good song

Bloc Party is touring the U.S. this fall playing this album in full. 

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