Stephen A. makes too much money to be doing that. 

By Dan Gartland
April 05, 2019

I wish it was him, though

Things got testy between the Sixers and Bucks last night after Eric Bledsoe and Joel Embiid started playing dodgeball. Embiid’s toss at Bledsoe wasn’t harmless but it wasn’t exactly malicious, and Bledsoe responded by whipping the ball full-force at Embiid. Both teams got together for a little pushing and shoving, but didn’t really fight. 

One of the guys playing peacemaker there came running off the baseline in a blue suit with a credential hanging around his neck and several viral posts on social media identified him as Stephen A. Smith. 

That guy sure looks like Stephen A. in a grainy video like that. He’s wearing the type of suit Smith would absolutely wear; he’s got the same hairline; he even has similar facial hair. But this angle clearly shows that it’s not him. You can see the guy on the right side of the photo, above the referee. 

The man himself later issued a vehement denial on Twitter in typical fashion. 

Stephen A. makes too much money to be getting involved in fights, anyway. 

That’s one way to do it

This is Long Islander Matt Russo. While attending yesterday’s Mets opener, he decided to advertise that he was freshly single. Darren Rovell tweeted a photo of his sign and then he started getting bombarded by texts and calls. 

“Within the first 20 minutes, I got about 70 texts. I am getting calls from guys giving me support, saying to do me and have fun,” Russo told the New York Post. “I got a couple of calls from people trashing my ex, and said, ‘I would rather you not do that.’ I still respect her. And we have respect for each other. I still appreciate her as a person.”

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