Giving 110% isn’t always the right call. 

By Dan Gartland
April 10, 2019

Sometimes you can try too hard

It’s not even the middle of April, and Cardinals outfielder Marcell Ozuna may have made the worst blooper of the season. 

In the eighth inning of last night’s Cardinals-Dodgers game, Ozuna raced back to the wall chasing a deep fly ball by Kiké Hernandez. He expertly leapt halfway up the wall to propel himself to the top—and then the ball landed several feet in front of him. Ozuna literally fell flat on his face and Hernandez had a ground rule double. 

It looks even more ridiculous from this angle.

The play had the Dodgers bullpen struggling to contain its laughter. 

But you can understand why Ozuna would have thought he could make that play. In 2017, he effortlessly brought back a ball hit over the fence by Hernandez. 

Apparently, Ozuna never let his former teammate forget about the play, so Hernandez was glad to see Ozuna knocked down a peg. 

“I’m really glad it happened to him. He deserves it. He’s my boy,” Hernandez said after the game. “I played with him [in Miami in 2014], but he’s still reminding me every year of the play he made two years ago. The only thing that would have made it better is if it hit off of his head when he fell down.”

It’s a shame Ozuna’s memory isn’t as strong for plays he didn’t make, because he literally made the same blooper last year in Milwaukee (minus the faceplant).

Sometimes, giving 110% isn’t the right call. 

Magic did what?

Magic Johnson abruptly resigned from his position as president of basketball operations for the Lakers last night. It’s not a surprise that it happened, considering that he wasn’t able to build a winner with LeBron James, but it is surprising that it went down last night. How surprising? He hadn’t told owner Jeanie Buss or LeBron about his decision by the time he told the media. 

At least now he can tweet without getting fined by the NBA.

The NHL draft lottery results leaked online early

The top three spots in the NHL draft were leaked online before they were revealed on TV, thanks to some random guy watching in the middle of the night in Sweden. 

Apparently the graphic aired on a livestream from Swedish broadcaster Viasat, only for a split second but long enough for this guy to grab a screenshot and for it to spread around Twitter. 

The Devils ended up snagging the first pick, followed by the Rangers and then the Blackhawks. 

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