Kevin Harlan is the best announcer there is

Whether he’s doing something silly like narrating a fan’s idiotic sprint across the field or a fan spilling their beer on the court, or delivering an iconic call of a classic play like LeBron James’s “no regard for human life” dunk, Kevin Harlan always brings his A-game. And last night’s Sixers-Nets game was no exception. 

The game got out of hand quickly, but Harlan still had a fun time calling the action, or at least talking about fast food during the game. 

First he delivered an impassioned promo for Burger King’s “Angry Whopper,” really making us feel the burger’s anger in a performance Daniel Day Lewis would be proud of. 

Then, when the Philly fans could sense they were close to winning free Frostys from Wendy’s, Harlan really turned it on. 

Compare that to the way Al Michaels reads promos for the English Premier League. Michaels always sounds like he’s announcing the date of his own execution whenever he has to talk about soccer. Harlan, on the other hand, perfectly displayed what he thought of the “Angry Whopper” name without making it boring. That’s the mark of a good announcer.

The Warriors blew the biggest lead in playoff history

Not only did the Warriors blow a 31-point lead to the eighth-seeded Clippers, they did it at home. No team had ever come back from such a big postseason deficit, let alone against the NBA’s modern All-Star team. 

It’s just one game, and the Warriors will probably still end up winning the series, but maybe it indicates that the Warriors are vulnerable and not a lock to walk all over the Eastern Conference champ. 

To make matters worse, DeMarcus Cousins left the game in the first quarter with a leg injury and the Warriors reportedly fear he may have torn his quad. 

Ovechkin isn’t just a goal scorer

Alex Ovechkin isn’t known as a fighter, but try telling that to Andrei Svechnikov, the Hurricanes rookie who got absolutely wrecked by Ovi last night

Svechnikov left the game and did not return with what the team is calling an “upper-body injury” (code for a concussion, usually). 

“I’m not a big fighter, he’s the same way,” Ovechkin said after the game. “He asked me to fight and I said, ‘Let’s go.’ I hope he’s O.K. You don’t want to see a guy get hurt.”

Canes coach Rod Brind’Amour didn’t see it the same way. 

The best of SI

Michael Rosenberg’s cover story on Tiger’s Masters win is a must-read. ... NFL vet Chris Long long is writing Game of Thrones recaps for us and the first one is a riot. ... After decades, Georgia Tech is entering the post-triple option era

Around the sports world

Russell Wilson reportedly agreed to a contract extension that will make him the new highest-paid player in the NFL. ... A tipster tells Deadspin they tricked Michael Avenatti into making false claims about Nike and Zion Williamson. ... Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri was suspended for the rest of Toronto’s first-round series against the Bruins for his dirty hit in Game 2. 

Cale Makar played in a college game on Saturday and scored his first NHL goal last night

The Boston Marathon was that close

This guy would do anything to finish

That’s Micah Herndon, a former Marine from Ohio. He was running in memory of three former Marines killed in Afghanistan in 2010.

Of course Yasiel Puig did this in his first AB as a visitor in Los Angeles

The Sixers are scary

The batter I understand, but how did the runner screw this up?

Joe Thornton is only seven years older than Ryan Reaves

Joel Embiid is out here drawing blood

Chris Davis is on a hot streak now

What a howler!

Robot umps won’t solve every problem

That kind of money can pay a week’s rent on a one-bedroom in San Francisco

Impossibly smooth

Love this touch by Bryce

Stephon Marbury can still talk trash

Not sports

The creators of the new Game of Thrones credit sequence explain all the changes. ... The news about Notre-Dame de Paris is better than it seemed it would be Monday afternoon. ... Four people were uninjured in a Long Island plane crash when it was miraculously caught up in some power lines.

How they filmed the original Mortal Kombat

1983’s first commercial for Mario Bros.

Keanu Reeves shows off his motorcycles

A good song

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