1. As I've written a million times over the years, I'm pro celebration. The more extreme, the better. That brings us today to Jesse Winker.

The Reds outfielder made a very nice sliding catch last night to seal Cincinnati's 1-0 win against the Mets. After the grab, Winker ran around Citi Field like madman waving goodnight to the fans in attendance.

Winker pulled off the wave, but in calmer fashion, after the Reds' win against New York on Monday.

So why is the left-fielder trolling Mets fans?

"There's not a lot of people here," Winker said after Wednesday's game. "It's not like this place is packed. They are just talking a lot. I'm just giving it back and having fun with it." 

A Major League Baseball player with a personality, trolling fans, having fun, adding some spice to the game? Yes, please.

2. What is the relationship like between the NFL's top two information men, Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter? Can they be friends? I asked Rapoport those questions on the latest SI MEDIA PODCAST. Here's his answer.

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3. A very happy birthday 47th birhtday to The Rock. Comedy Central's digital show, Agree to Disagree, recently debated the very important issue of The Rock vs. Dwayne Johnson.

4. I'd estimate that 99.9 percent of contests involving athletes are dumb, but this is actually a great one. If you're getting married this summer, you can have Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce in your wedding party.

Kelce seems like the perfect guy to bring some life to a wedding.


5. Speaking of tight ends who are the life of a party, retired Rob Gronkowski was part of a bit, in full cop uniform, at last night's Billboard Music Awards.

6. This is an important lesson for a sports fans who attend games: You can try to come up with all the clever and witty signs you want, but a simple "Baby Booey" will do the trick every time.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Here's two minutes of random "Baba Booey's" at golf events and on live TV.

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IN CLOSING: Does anyone else get bummed out when the NBA playoff games air on ESPN instead of TNT, like tonight, because we don't get the Ernie, Chuck, Kenny Shaq Show?