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There’s a reason why they call it the “Mountain of Hell”

A mountain bike race down the face of a glacier 11,000 feet into the sky sounds like a bad idea—and it turns out it is. 

The annual “Mountain of Hell” race took place at the Les Deux Alpes ski resort over the weekend in France and devolved into a hellish pileup just minutes after the start. One rider near the front of the pack clipped another and caused a series of other crashes that eventually engulfed dozens of racers.  

Despite some rather frightening incidents—including one cyclist who slid down the side of the glacier and another who was flipped on his head when a bike took out his legs—British cycling site Bikesy reports that there were no serious injuries

One rider’s helmet-mounted camera appeared to capture the moment of the first crash that set off the whole chain reaction. 

This video captures the chaos from inside the pileup. 

Eventual winner Kilian Bron was also wearing a camera and posted his entire run, which shows that things didn’t get any less scary after descending the glacier. 

A little drama on the way out of Portland

Enes Kanter is headed to Boston on a two-year deal but he apparently would have liked to stay with the Blazers, as long as they had given him more time to mull over their offer. 

That’s not exactly how it played out, according to Damian Lillard. 

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