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It’s like something out of a movie

A 23-year-old who hasn’t played competitive baseball since high school just landed a contract with the A's, thanks mostly to the internet.

Nathan Patterson went to a Rockies game last month and decided to step up to the radar gun set up on the Coors Field concourse. With a bit of a crow hop, he was able to top out at 96 mph. Patterson’s brother, Christian, filmed the display and the footage went viral on Twitter. 

Fast forward two weeks and Patterson put pen to paper for the A’s. 

Patterson explained to that he first began to think his baseball dream was within reach when he went to a Nashville Sounds game last summer and topped out at 96 on the gun. 

He started training and showcasing his stuff on an app called FlatGround that lets pitchers who slipped through the cracks get in front of scouts. Even when he was hit by a car and needed surgery on his non-throwing wrist, Patterson kept plugging away. 

Patterson’s first contact with the A’s organization came in February, according to, but things heated up after Christian’s video took off. Patterson told that he went to the game, did his thing and “a few days later the A’s gave me a call.”

It’s not quite the same as that that Dennis Quaid movie where the guy throws at a radar gun on the road, but it’s still awfully inspiring. 

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