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Back in May, Gabrielle Union went on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and mocked husband Dwyane Wade for being totally clueless about life as a normal citizen. Wade, she said, thought a gallon of milk cost $20, had never been to a car wash before and was astonished by Old Navy. 

“What is this place? They’ve got all kinds of khaki shorts, and cargo shorts, and there’s all different colors,” Wade asked, according to Union. 

“That’s Old Navy,” Union had to explain. 

But now Wade had a chance to share his side of the story. In an interview with SI’s Rohan Nadkarni, Wade explained moving from Miami to Los Angeles has finally made him anonymous enough that he can go out and do his own shopping. 

Okay so, what I was freaking out about—if you want to call it freaking out—was the prices. I’m sure some guys do, but I got to a point, especially being so known in Miami—which is a good thing but at times when it comes to personal life stuff, it can be tough—where I hadn’t been to a store in so long. I had a chef to go shopping, a stylist to do this, all that. I don’t really go shopping, so I don’t really know the prices of stuff. 

So I go into Old Navy and I start buying stuff. So I grabbed what I felt was like, [laughs], a lot of stuff, like it’s got to be $100,000. Not a $100,000 but just speaking in that sense. I got up to the register and it was like $500. I was like, “Holy s**t, I thought this was way more.” So I’m kind of freaking out about that kind of stuff. And just to be able to be in L.A. and go shopping and nobody notices me was a cool experience. I never thought I would say that 16 years ago when I wanted people to notice me. Now I’m going places hoping people don’t, so I can enjoy myself and not have anxiety or anything.

It makes sense that D-Wade can go about town unnoticed in a city with so many more famous people, but what is a guy as fashionable as him doing at Old Navy?

You couldn’t make this up

Northern Irish boxer Carl Frampton’s fight scheduled to take place Saturday in Philadelphia has been called off on only days’ notice because of a truly unbelievable injury. 

Frampton was sitting in the lobby of his hotel on Monday when a large decoration fell and hit him in the hand, fracturing his fifth metacarpal. It’s pretty unbelievable, but Frampton tweeted proof. 

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