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Reliever Amir Garrett had one of the most memorable moments of the Reds’ season when he tried to fight basically the entire Pirates roster back in July. The moment led to some incredible photography but also earned Garrett an eight-game suspension. So when Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber tried to start something Wednesday night in Chicago, Garrett wanted no part of it. He took off sprinting for the safety of the dugout. 

Schwarber realized after the game that he was acting like a jerk. 

“I was frustrated, obviously,” Schwarber said. “Got the best of me. Whatever it is, I’ve seen it too many times. I shouldn’t have reacted.”

“To be honest, I really don’t even know why he was upset,” Garrett told reporters. “I’ve been going through a little rough patch, and for me to get a big out like that—he’s a great hitter. It’s nothing new. It’s not something I’m just starting to do. I’m passionate.”

“He can have that battle,” Garrett added. “I just wanted to show kids that if you’re provoked, you can turn the other cheek.”

See? Not every celebration has to lead to retribution for breaking the unwritten rules. 

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