“Messed up my whole day.”

Eagles fan Hakim Laws didn’t expect he’d go viral for his spontaneous call-out of Philadelphia receiver Nelson Agholor, but he’s taking his sudden fame in stride.

Laws, a military veteran and former firefighter, helped save people trapped in a burning building around 2 a.m. on Monday morning and when interviewed about his heroics cracked that he had caught the people being thrown from the window “unlike Agholor.”

NBC 10 Philadelphia caught up with Laws on Tuesday to ask him what was going through his mind during the tense moments of the rescue and how the Eagles could have been on his mind after the harrowing experience. He said he was thinking “Yeah, no fumble” as he attempted to a catch a child and an adult woman being tossed from the window.

“So I caught two. And then ran them in for a touchdown.”

As for why he dissed Agholor, Laws said he was still stewing after his team’s gut-wrenching loss just hours earlier.

“Messed up my whole day,” Laws said of the Eagles’ three-point loss to the Lions at home. “That was earlier the same day that happened. Maybe 12 hours or so. Less than that. Yeah, I’m going to think about that all day.”

Agholor responded by inviting Laws to attend an Eagles game with his family. Laws isn’t backing down from his criticism, telling NBC 10’s John Clark “He got it the first time,” but he will take Agholor up on the offer.

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