The Jets Got Torched by Lamar Jackson, Then Asked for His Autograph

In Friday’s Hot Clicks: Jets players get some souvenirs from their blowout against the Ravens, a frightening hockey injury and more.
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Put that in a frame

Ravens' Lamar Jackson and Jets' James Burgess swap jerseys after game

Lamar Jackson gave the Jets the business last night, and few New York players wanted a souvenir to remember the game by. 

Jackson threw for five touchdowns (his third five-TD game of the season) and added 86 yards on the ground to break Michael Vick’s single-season rushing record for a quarterback in a 42–21 win for Baltimore

After the game, Jackson’s jersey was in high demand. He didn’t just swap it with one player—he handed out three of them, complete with his signature, to linebacker James Burgess (his college teammate), receiver Robby Anderson and Le’Veon Bell.

“I didn’t want to say no, because different people were hitting me up,” Jackson said after the game. “I was just going to try to do it.” 

Jackson explained that he asked the team’s equipment manager to find some extra jerseys for him to sign, which is why you see a couple tucked under his arm in the clip above.

You can’t fault the Jets players for wanting a souvenir from Jackson. Sure, he sliced up the Jets defense, but he’s been doing that to every defense (and every offense has been doing that to the Jets). Not only is he probably going to win the MVP award, he’s redefining what an NFL quarterback can be by proving that read-option concepts don’t have to be limited to the college game and that fast quarterbacks can also be deadly accurate pocket passers. So yeah, I’d want his autograph, too. 

Horrifying moment in a junior hockey game

A 17-year-old goalie in the Ontario Hockey League is in stable condition after undergoing emergency surgery to close a gash on his leg. 

Tucker Tynan of the Niagara IceDogs was sliced by a skate in Thursday night’s game against the London Knights. Video of the play on which he was injured shows a massive amount of blood pooling on the ice. (WARNING: This video is extremely graphic.)

The game was postponed after the incident occurred at the beginning of the second period. 

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