This Was the First Memorial Day in 140 Years Without Big League Baseball

In Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: MLB’s Memorial Day streak is broken, a whole stadium is available on Airbnb and more.
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Let’s not repeat this on the Fourth of July

Memorial Day felt surreal this year for a number of obvious reasons, but the lack of baseball to watch while you flipped burgers may have flown under the radar. While the rhythm of baseball’s usual daily presence can make it blend into the background in normal years, its continued absence has similarly become an expected part of our lives. So you can be forgiven for not realizing you should have been watching baseball all afternoon yesterday. 

The lack of big league games was historic, though. It was the first time since 1880 that there were no major league games on Memorial Day. 

The last time there was no baseball on Memorial Day, it wasn’t even called Memorial Day. We were still calling it “Decoration Day” (the holiday has its roots as a day for decorating the graves of fallen soldiers). The Grand Army of the Republic first suggested calling the holiday “Memorial Day” in 1882

The last Memorial Day without baseball came 21 years before the founding of the American League, back when the National League had teams in Providence, Worcester and Troy. Old Hoss Radbourn, the Hall of Fame pitcher who once threw 73 complete games in a single season and later inspired a great Twitter account, played his first big league season that year—but only as an outfielder and first baseman with a dismal batting line. There were players that year nicknamed Orator Shafer, Tricky Nichols, Chub Sullivan, Dude Esterbrook and Buttercup Dickerson.

So yeah, it was a long time ago.

Memorial Day baseball survived two world wars and numerous labor disputes between players and owners. It took a global health emergency to shut it down. 

But baseball will come back—perhaps in time for the Fourth of July—and when it does, no one will take holiday games for granted. 

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A good song

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