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MLB Had its First Memorial Day Without Baseball Since 1880

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For the first time since 1880, Major League Baseball had zero games on a Memorial Day. Will baseball ever return back to normalcy or should MLB fans expect even more games to be missed? SI's Robin Lundberg shares thoughts on the significance of baseball's absence and hopes Major league baseball will eventually resume in time for fans to enjoy.

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Robin Lundberg: They say baseball is America’s pastime. And it has sure been a long time since a Memorial Day without a baseball game being played. 1880 to be exact. We’re talking Old Hoss Radbourn’s first season in the league! And with a name like Old Hoss Radbourn you know he played a long time ago. It was also 21 years before the founding of the American League. So again, it’s been a minute. I just looked it up and Babe Ruth didn’t play until 1914 and Captain America wasn’t even born yet. So, here’s to MLB eventually having an opening day this season, otherwise, they’ll be a whole lot more stats like this one, and we know it’s a sport with an affinity for the past...but probably not quite like that. 

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