Randy Moss Details Hilarious Story Behind His Infamous 'Lambeau Moon'

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It's one of the most talked about touchdown celebrations of all time. 

In a 2005 wild card game between the Vikings and Packers, Hall of Fame Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter to give his team a 31–17 lead. His 34-yard catch would be the final score of the game, but the story wasn't about his 70 receiving yards or his two touchdowns. 

Moss caught major blowback for mockingly mooning the fans in attendance at Lambeau Field after finding the end zone, and 16 years later he told the story of why he decided to shoot the moon. 

While he and some friends are eating around a fire, Moss retold the story that lead up to the infamous play as if it were yesterday. Moss said he had suffered a hamstring injury during the regular season and was unable to play the Packers in their first meeting of the season. When the Vikings traveled to Lambeau, the Wisconsin band spelled out "Where you at, Moss?" with cards. 

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Moss was unable to appear in the second regular season matchup as well because of the lingering hamstring injury.  The Vikings lost both regular season games while he was sidelined.

But the Vikings drew the Packers in the wild card round of the playoffs and Moss said he was "still furious" about the band's teases earlier in the season. 

When the Vikings traveled to Lambeau, they were greeted by multiple fans who dropped their pants to give a warm welcome to their NFC North rivals. 

"There's about ten white a***s sitting there over the hill," Moss recalled. "They got all their pants down. There's nothing but white moon all lined up."

So, when Moss scored the game-sealing touchdown, he remembered the "Where you at Moss?" message and the less-than dignified welcome the team received that day so he decided to fake moon the crowd.

"For that stuff ya'll did, ya'll taking this," he said

Moss thought it was all in good fun, but still received a hefty $10,000 fine despite not having a prior offense, according to him. To this day, Moss didn't think he deserved that hefty of a fine. 

"Man, I didn't have no offenses," Moss said. "I ain't been doing nothing crazy." 

The Lambeau moon still lives in infamy as one of the most disrespectful touchdown celebrations, but knowing the full story, it was a revenge game for Moss. We just didn't know it.