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Celebrity Boxing Jumps the Shark With Lamar Odom-Aaron Carter Bout

Here's a factually correct sentence: On Friday night, two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom defeated former child pop star Aaron Carter by TKO in a Celebrity Boxing match held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The fight ended with about as much boxing prowess and technical skills as you might have expected:

He might have beaten Shaq, but he couldn't take down Lamar.

The stoppage occurred in the second of the fight's three, 90-second rounds, as Carter failed to put up much defense against Odom's flurry of punches. It should be noted that Odom was listed as 6'10", 220 pounds during his playing days. It's unclear what Carter's height and weight are, but it's safe to say he's considerably smaller.

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The fight was reportedly held in front of a sold-out crowd at the Showboat Hotel, with the livestream running $29.99 for those wanting to watch at home. Both Odom and Carter have faced their own personal demons over the years, and having the pair duke it out for a paying crowd didn't exactly register as a heartwarming moment.

That the fight happened at all isn't a total surprise given the recent swell in popularity of sideshow-type fights between celebrities and athletes. YouTube stars Logan and Jake Paul have each cashed in on such boxing matches, with more on the horizon.

There's clearly demand for such attention grabs out there. Let's hope the Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley bout gives us a little something more than what the crowd at Atlantic City saw.

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