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Aaron Rodgers Dodges Question About Attending Party Before Positive COVID-19 Test

In Thursday’s Hot Clicks: the Packers quarterback doesn’t want to talk about going to a Halloween party maskless, an incredible play by an FCS lineman and more.

He just doesn’t want to acknowledge he might have been wrong

Aaron Rodgers is not interested in discussing his decision to attend a team Halloween party days before he tested positive for COVID-19.

Rodgers tested positive for the virus on Nov. 3, four days after he was at a party with a bunch of his teammates. His (admittedly very cool) John Wick costume did not include a face covering.

During his Wednesday press conference (which was conducted over Zoom because Rodgers doesn’t want to wear a mask at the podium), Green Bay Press-Gazette beat writer Ryan Wood asked Rodgers if he regretted going to the party.

“As you’re out and you’re reflecting, I’m curious if you had any regret for going to the Halloween party unmasked, given your vaccination status, and if you thought that might be where you contracted COVID,” Wood said.

Rodgers glided right past the question about regrets in his curt response.

“I don’t believe that’s where I contracted COVID, no,” he said. “I tested negative that morning and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.”

It’s entirely possible that Rodgers was infected elsewhere but for a guy who claims to be all about science and research, citing a negative test the morning after is an ill-informed explanation for why he couldn’t have gotten sick at the party.

Like any virus, the one that causes COVID-19 has an incubation period, meaning it takes time to replicate in your body. The incubation period for the COVID-19 virus is 2–14 days. Rodgers could have been infected at the party but not had enough of the virus in his body to trigger a positive test.

Maybe Rodgers has a good idea of where he did get infected. Perhaps he knows he was somewhere else where he came into close contact with a person who tested positive. But that’s not what he said during his now-infamous Pat McAfee Show appearance. Rodgers said he was under the impression that he caught the virus from a vaccinated person, but he sounded more like he was making a baseless assumption, not pinpointing a specific vaccinated individual who infected him.

“Look at our squad, I’m the second non-vaxxed player to test positive,” he said. “It’s pretty evident I tested positive being around a vaccinated individual. I mean, that’s the majority of people I spend time with. There’s dozens of people who work at the facility that are vaxxed that tested positive.”

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In that same interview, Rodgers said he was taking the pandemic “very seriously” by wearing his mask in public, but as the photos and videos from the Halloween party show, he made exceptions.

“I have taken this very seriously,” he said. “I’m not a COVID denier or any bulls--- like that. I just wanted to make the decision that was best for my body. That’s it. I wear my mask when I go out in public. The only time I haven't worn my mask is when I'm around all vaccinated people [in press conferences].”

Whether or not Rodgers was infected at the Halloween party is irrelevant, but his refusal to acknowledge that it was a risky activity is another example of him setting a bad example for responsible pandemic behavior. There’s a reason why he was fined by the league for attending the party, but it’s clear he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. 

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