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UCLA's Thompson-Robinson Handed Unsportsmanlike Conduct For Signing Autograph

College football players get handed unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for a variety of reasons, ranging from fights to celebrations. But what about signing autographs?

UCLA quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson celebrated his first rushing touchdown of the day, lofting the Bruins 28–10 over USC, by signing a fan's hat. The referee quickly tried to guide him away, but the quarterback was set on finishing his signature. 

Cue the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. 

USC quickly answered with a touchdown of its own, narrowing UCLA's lead to 28-17 going into halftime. Thompson-Robinson had a solid first half, going 10 of 16 passing for 239 yards and three touchdowns. 

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But the highlight of his half came on his, well, signature play. That fan will think it's worth the 15 yards.

The Bruins star didn't let the penalty slow him down. Thompson-Robinson went on to hurdle a Trojans defender in the fourth quarter, setting a UCLA points record in the history of the rivals' series to score his second rushing touchdown of the day in style.

UCLA ended up adding another win to the rival column, topping USC 62-33. Fight on? 

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