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Dan Orlovsky Lists Mike McCarthy Miscues, Says Cowboys Should Fire Coach

 There's been widespread discussion about Mike McCarthy‘s future with the Cowboys following Dallas‘s loss to the 49ers on wild-card weekend. 

ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky appeared on The Rich Eisen Show this week, and he laid out a pretty compelling case against McCarthy. Orlovsky laid out numerous examples of major game and clock management miscues by McCarthy and the Cowboys this year, adding the collection of errors should likely lead to the coach’s dismissal. 

“I think it's hard to bring back Mike McCarthy. I really do,” Orlovsky said. “We can go back, Week 2 against the Chargers when the clock runs out, Mike McCarthy says, ‘Well, we couldn't see the clock.’ Week 3 against the Eagles before halftime, the clock runs all the way out with like 1:50 in the half. They never call timeout. Week 6 against the Patriots, they call timeout and kick a field goal with 24 seconds left rather than letting the clock run all the way down. 

“Week 15 he throws the ball to Dalton Schultz and they don't take a shot at the end zone because he says that they're ‘in the o-zone.’ Week 17, two weeks ago against the Cardinals, he calls timeout, he can't challenge the fumble.

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“I think it's hard, given what the record is, given what the performance is, given what the reality of this poor game and clock management, I think it's hard to bring back Mike McCarthy to this football team.”

Orlovsky is far from alone in his criticism of McCarthy, but those with the authority to make a change in Dallas don't appear interested in a shakeup ahead of the 2022 season.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones declined to speak about McCarthy's job status after the loss to San Francisco. His son, team executive vice president Stephen Jones, said that he is “very confident” that McCarthy will be back during a radio interview Monday.

“I don't have any concerns,” McCarthy said after the game Sunday when asked about his job status. “I'm proud to be standing here today. I'm proud of this football team.” 

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