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ESPN's Orlovsky: Rodgers Going to Denver A ‘Death Sentence’

As the Packers were eliminated from the NFL Playoffs by the 49ers in Saturday night's NFC Divisional Round at Lambeau Field, questions were understandably swirling regarding Packers' star quarterback Aaron Rodgers' future.

Rodgers, who has spent the entirety of his 17-year career with the Packers, has grown frustrated in recent years with the organization's treatment of him as their franchise quarterback. From the drafting of backup quarterback Jordan Love, to complaints regarding his lack of involvement in discussions with free agents, Rodgers has not been shy about expressing his discontent with some aspects of the organization.

While Rodgers has softened his stance some over the course of the season, which extended to praise of once-criticized general manager Brian Gutekunst, Rodgers remained non-committal regarding his future in Green Bay during the postgame press conference on Saturday night. 

“I think this thing is definitely going to look different moving forward,” Rodgers said. “Green Bay has a lot of decisions, a lot of guys with opportunities. So it will be interesting to see what things look like moving forward."

Rodgers later expressed his lack of interest in being part of a potential roster rebuild with the Packers.

“I don't want to be part of a rebuild if I'm going to keep playing,” Rodgers said.

During a Pat McAfee Show appearance, Rodgers made it clear that all options—remaining in Green Bay, playing elsewhere or retirement—are on the table, and there is speculation that he could suit up for a new team. The Denver Broncos, where his offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is reportedly being hired as the next coach, has been heavily rumored as an option.

Would Rodgers be better off playing in Denver than Green Bay? Not if he wants to win championships, says ESPN's Dan Orlovsky.

Orlovsky was posed the question on First Take on Thursday.

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“If Aaron went to Denver, he would play really, really well. He'd put up another great season statistically, I just don't think that the likelihood of a Super Bowl there is anywhere close to what it would be in Green Bay,” Orlovsky said. 

“I mean Green Bay is going to win or be the favorite in that division going into next season again. The NFC does not have a dominant team looking at next year... But going to Denver? It's a death sentence! You're going into the division with the guy who has been in the last four AFC Championship games in Patrick Mahomes.”

Orlovsky also cited the emergence of Justin Herbert with the Chargers in the AFC West, along with Joe Burrow, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson elsewhere in the conference.

“I just think the AFC because of all their young, superstar quarterbacks. If you're sitting there and you're Aaron Rodgers wondering, ‘Where's the best chance for me to win a Super Bowl?’ It's not in Denver. It's more than likely in Green Bay.”

With the Packers now eliminated from the playoffs, discussions will take place over the weeks and months ahead regarding Rodgers' future. 

Whether it's Green Bay, Denver, another franchise not discussed, or retirement, it will be interesting to see where this story goes heading into 2022.

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