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Boomer Esiason Shares Why He Thinks Tom Brady Will Return to NFL

Since Tom Brady officially announced his NFL retirement two weeks ago, the rumors that the seven-time Super Bowl champion will return to the gridiron are still running rampant. 

CBS Sports football analyst Boomer Esiason is the latest to believe that Brady's recent retirement is not the end of his noteworthy career. Esiason, a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback, joined The Greg Hill Show on Tuesday morning in Boston saying that he bet $50 that Brady would retire before the 2022 AFC Championship game.

While Esiason was right, he still believes Brady has not thrown his last pass of his career.

“I think he is coming back... People forget when I retired, I was making like $800,000 a year and TV afforded me more money and a little bit more safety,” Esiason said.

“… Nowadays, the money is so big and so significant and of course you will love to play the game. And I'd love to play the game at $30 and $35 millions a year I can tell you that right now. I'd be lining up the private jets and be flying everywhere I wanted to go each weekend to go see my family... It's a lot of money to turn down... I would imagine if he was watching this game [Super Bowl] yesterday, he was probably sick to his stomach that his team wasn't in it.”

Brady, 44, retired as one of the NFL’s greatest players of all time. He recorded five Super Bowl MVP trophies along with six All-Pro selections and 15 Pro Bowl nods. He finished his career with a multitude of NFL records that include completions (7,263), touchdowns (624), passing yards (84,520) and quarterback wins (243).

In the 2021 season with the Buccaneers, Brady thew for 5,316 yards and 43 touchdown passes. Currently, if Brady remains retired, he will be Hall of Fame eligible beginning in 2027. 

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