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Two Former NFL Players Blast Drew Brees After His Short Stint With NBC

After one year at NBC, Drew Brees has reportedly left the network looking for a different opportunity in broadcasting. However, Brees himself didn’t confirm the news with a very strange tweet nearly two weeks ago, which left the possibility open of him returning to the Saints.

However, Saints coach Dennis Allen pumped the brakes on any potential Brees return, saying the two sides haven’t spoken.

Meanwhile, two former NFL players are skeptical about Brees’s version of the events. On his Fox Sports Radio show, Brady Quinn acknowledged Brees seems to be in a difficult position trying to figure out his next move.

“It feels like this report got out initially that he had to respond to because someone leaked it,” Quinn said. “So he’s not really wanted by NBC, he’s not really wanted by the Saints, maybe he will end up with Fox, but that’s a tough pill to swallow if you’re a first-ballot future Hall of Famer and you’re not getting any love right now.”

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Quinn’s radio partner LaVar Arrington took a more direct stance on Brees’s situation.

“Or maybe he’s acting out because that’s what he’s used to feeling,” Arrington said. “He’s just not as popular as he thinks he is, he’s not as loved as he thinks he is, and he acts out when it doesn’t go the way he would like for it to go. He’s reaching out and he’s crying out for attention.”

For now, Brees is currently in limbo waiting to see where he will be next year. It might be at Fox, which would seem to make for an awkward co-worker pairing with Quinn and Arrington.

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