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Trae Young Bashes Skip Bayless Over Take on Dejounte Murray Trade

After the Hawks traded for guard Dejounte Murray, Skip and Shannon: Undisputed’s Skip Bayless had one question that he was going to answer for his TV audience.

“Why trading for Dejounte Murray was an indictment of Trae Young,” Bayless posted on Twitter to promote his show.

Well, Young didn’t agree with that take, so much so that he addressed Bayless directly on social media.

“New Media >> Real/Old Media,” he tweeted, “or whatever you wanna call yourself.”

The reference to “new media” isn’t a first for an NBA player, as Draymond Green has been using that term in part to promote his own podcast.

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Bayless and Young have also had tension before, as Bayless has called Young “overrated” and “mice Trae,” while Young once called Bayless “Stiff Bayless.”

This doesn’t seem like a feud that is going anywhere anytime soon, as both sides are very eager to call each other out. We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens next.

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