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Tulane Interrupts Uniform Reveal Video With Aaron Judge’s Home Run

Aaron Judge’s pursuit of Roger Maris’s American League home run record certainly had broad interest. Judge is one of the biggest stars in all of baseball, and the face of perhaps the most prominent sports team in all of American sports. Even so, one large group of sports fans grew fed up with ESPN/ABC’s decisions to cut into his at-bats live during coverage of their games: college football fans

For two weekends, ESPN and ABC broadcasts would go live to Yes Network’s feed of Yankees games side-by-side with the college football broadcast, cutting away to audio of the at-bat. Even some at ESPN, like broadcaster Sean McDonough, seemed annoyed at the decision. 

Judge hit his record 62nd home run on Tuesday night during the Yankees’ game at the Rangers. While college football was already off the hook with the Yankees’ final game coming on Wednesday afternoon, plenty of fans online jokingly celebrated the feat because they no longer had to watch pitchers avoid Judge making history against them. 

On Wednesday, Tulane football got a dig in at the controversial cut-ins, releasing a video that seemed ready to unveil the team’s uniform for Saturday’s home game against ECU. Instead, the Green Wave cut away to Judge’s home run highlight.

Based on the tweet, it looks like Tulane fans can expect to see the uniform on Thursday. 

The Green Wave and Pirates kick off at 3:30 p.m. ET on Saturday. While there will be wild-card round baseball on, any mid-game updates will probably be far less invasive than those for Judge’s home run chase.

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