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Antonio Brown Was Asked About End of His Friendship With Tom Brady

Former All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown has dominated headlines in recent months, whether he’s allegedly exposing himself at a hotel pool in Dubai, controversially conducting business with Ye despite the entertainer’s antisemitic comments or rapping at a nightclub in Worcester, Mass

And now, he’s doubling down on his recent trolling of former teammate Tom Brady. That is somewhat surprising, given that Brady has long defended the polarizing Brown. But the wide receiver made things personal by posting a photo of himself and Brady’s now ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, hugging after Super Bowl LV amid reports of the couple’s marital problems. Now, he’s selling a T-shirt with the same image as Brady and Bündchen announce the end of their marriage.

So why exactly is Brown seemingly bashing Brady at every turn, especially in regard to the quarterback’s personal life?

The enigmatic former receiver replied to the question during a wide-ranging interview with entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David. In doing so, Brown painted himself as a victim and claimed that proceeds from T-shirt sales are going to fatherless children.

“This is a charity shirt to raise money for the fatherless kids,” Brown told Bet-David.

Responded Bet-David, “But even that’s a dig.”

“I don’t know his girl,” Brown said. “… It’s a T-shirt to raise money from a real moment that happened. How is this a reach? Because they’re going through a divorce? People go through stuff every day, man.

“What about me when I’m on the news for … I’m crazy, something happened.”

Bet-David then interjected that Brown is affecting Bündchen and her children with Brady because of his behavior.

“It is what it is, man,” Brown said without a hint of regret.

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