Five reasons to switch to one-week fantasy football on FanDuel

Fantasy football evolves continuously. Here’s why you want to get in on one-week leagues now.
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Change can be a scary thing. But what if people decided not to try Chicago-style pizza or two-ply toilet paper—all because it’s not what they’re used to? That’s no way to live.

Traditional, season-long fantasy football players might be leery of playing one-week fantasy football because it’s not what you’re used to. If that sounds like you, pay attention to the list below and reconsider. After all, you don’t want to be “that guy.”

Fantasy football evolves continuously, from basic TD-only leagues to flex positions to PPR formats—and now, to one-week fantasy football leagues. Here’s why you want to get in on this game now.

1. Take charge of your own destiny.

For the fantasy owners of major stars who were injured or suspended for much of 2014, this is a no-brainer. Those owners had to deal with losing massive pieces of their yearly fantasy teams, and they spent the rest of 2014 digging out of a huge hole.

With one-week fantasy football on FanDuel, you can shake off a season-ending injury one week later—and prosper when you use that player’s backup.

This also works as a great argument for overcoming horrible Draft Day decisions, like selecting hotshot players without much history in Round 1, eventual third-down backs in Round 2 or overhyped wide receivers in Round 3.

2. The Best Day of the Year x 17 = Awesome

Spousal and family considerations aside, of course. But consider how much fun you get out of fantasy football Draft Day. Now think about picking a new team every week of the NFL regular season (and beyond!).

Also, you don’t have to get frazzled over setting your lineups each week. If you want to take a week off because you’re traveling or you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection while climbing the Himalayas, there’s no harm done. You can pick it back up the very next week.

3. Let fantasy football add money to your wallet for once.

You might be one of the small percentage of owners who wins back his league entry fees at the end of the fantasy season, but injuries—amongst other things—have an awfully big say in your bottom line. With one-week fantasy football on FanDuel, you can win your league fees back by the end of Week 1. Smart money management and solid FanDuel lineups are keys to building your bankroll.

4. One-week fantasy play improves your season-long fantasy football teams.

Doing research for your one-week fantasy teams means you’ll be looking at more players and matchups than the ones that impact your traditional, every-week fantasy lineup. You’ll also notice trends better and have a clearer picture of touches and team depth charts. You’ll be two steps ahead of your usual league-mates the entire season.

5. Early adopters become regular winners.

Consider that more than 56 million people play fantasy sports in the United States or Canada, according to the FSTA, but a relatively small portion of that group plays in daily fantasy contests. However, that percentage is growing … quickly. Get in on this format early for a leg up on all those people that wait to make the move—so you’ll have the experience and practice to stay atop the swelling ranks.

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