• After a year taking a backseat to wide receivers, it looks like running backs are back on top of the fantasy football world—at least at this early stage of the draft season.
By Michael Beller
May 05, 2017

With the NFL draft in the books, the fantasy football season has unofficially kicked off. We here at SI.com will have plenty of news and analysis coming your way this spring and summer, but there’s only one true way to unofficially or officially start a fantasy season: rankings. A running back, David Johnson, claim the top spot in the rankings, and three of my top four players are backs, but wide receivers haven’t fallen too far after their one-year stint in pole position. The two positions split the first two rounds of a 12-team draft right down the middle, at least in leagues that follow my rankings to the letter.

How the NFL draft affects the fantasy football impact of 2017's top rookies

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