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Bold Fantasy Football Predictions: Matt Breida, Miles Sanders and Evan Engram

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With the NFL season hopefully starting soon, SI fantasy analysts Frank Taddeo and Jaime Eisner give their bold fantasy football predictions for 2020. 

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Bill Enright: Fantasy Football season is almost upon us, so it's time to make some bold predictions. For that, I go to my guys Jaime Eisner and Frank Taddeo, our fantasy and gambling analysts here at Sports Illustrated. Fellas, we're going to talk about three different players today, two running backs, one tight end. Jaime, I'll start with you. Let's talk about Matt Breida and Miles Sanders. What do you got?

Jaime Eisner: Let's start with Sanders, its going to be interesting to see how far up draft boards he goes. Last year after the bye week, he was the number eight running back in all of fantasy in total points. Finished for the season as the RB13, but RB20 on a per game basis. Jordan Howard is no longer there. Is Miles Sanders going to get a very similar workload to what he got in the second half of the season when Howard was injured? If he does, he could be a low end RB1 this year. And for Matt Breida the interesting thing is how big is his role in Miami? And here's that name again, Jordan Howard's already there. Will Breida stay healthy? Will he get the lion's share of the touches on, let's say, third downs? Will he come out of the game for Jordan Howard in red zone situations? All of those questions still need to be asked. He has some significant per touch upside, but that's always been there. The question is, will he get enough workload to be a trustworthy RB2? Probably not for me. But I would love the opportunity to have his upside in a flex spot.

Bill Enright: Frank, let's shift over to the tight end position where it's always difficult to find a consistent option. Evan Ingram, certainly a popular name, but in terms of fantasy football production, he kind of lets fantasy managers down a lot. Where are you standing on the Giants tight end for 2020? 

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, I'm definitely down on Engram once again. You know, he finished last year as the overall TE18 in fantasy PPR leagues, and for a guy that hasn't been able to play a full 16 game campaign in any of his three seasons in the NFL, I'm not so sure that he's going to be able to do it once again. And there's a lot of mouths to feed over in that Giants offense. That Giants offense is going to be much improved. They could be getting Sterling Shepard back. They still have Saquon Barkley. They still have Golden Tate working from the slot. So for me, I'm still very much down on him. I think that he is a TE2, maybe at best. He's definitely not a TE1. 

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